Liz’s Job, Tarotsplained

Gentle Reader Liz asked for a tarot layout about her job.

Because her Sun sign is Virgo, which is an Earth sign, Liz’s significator is the Queen of Pentacles.

Based on her birth date, her life theme card is The Heirophant.  I’ve written in depth about this card and the other Major Arcana card featured in this layout, The Chariot, on the lovely and highly recommended  I would advise Liz to look over both of those articles.  The lessons of The Chariot are the answer to her job question.

Before I get to the actual video here are the highlights:

  • Liz’s significator is the Queen of Pentacles because she is a Virgo, which is an Earth sign, and Pentacles represent the Earth.  In this case Earth means everything about the material world, to include money, the home, and health, literally everything we own physically.  I found her upright in the money pile.  So this really is about making her ends meet, and Liz is clear on what the problem is.  It’s always good to check, you know.  Sometimes the cards send me in a very different direction than the client.  😉
  • The next thing I see is that there’s only one Major Arcana card in this layout, the Chariot reversed.  All of the other cards are Minor Arcana, in other words things that will come to pass.  There’s one very clear evolutionary theme for Liz in all of these little petty issues:  trusting her life to take her someplace magical.  When the Chariot is reversed, the idea is to not push the river.  Your thoughts and ideas may be getting in the way of your glorious destiny.  You must be present in your moment, because when the sphinxes decide to move there will be no warning.  But wherever they take you will be better than you could imagine.
  • I have detailed each card in its position in the video below.  In summary, Liz must recognize that she is rock solid.  She has performed as expected or better.  The problem truly is on the other side.  The employer may not be as internally stable as she has thought, and may be robbing Peter to pay Paul.  In other words staying put may not be the safest option.  The paradox of the Chariot is that sometimes you go farthest by not moving at all.
  • The implication of the layout is that Liz is really unhappy to be around this employer but is too afraid to make a move, afraid she won’t find anything better maybe.  The hint is that if you are looking down at how bad it is, you won’t be looking up when the golden opportunity arises — which it will, especially when the Chariot is present.
  • The outcome of this layout is all good news.  Liz will find a better position, much easier on her mind and body.  She will end up in a better place by just being open to the possibilities, even when she can’t see them. When she truly recognizes her own value and rejects the confusion and pettiness of her employer, she will gravitate to a better situation.
  • The means of getting to this better place may be a young person, and it may be an email or even something like a flyer.  Liz should be open to the magical Chariot presenting her with a golden opportunity when the time is truly ripe from her higher mind’s perspective.  Liz can consider that her life may be much more exciting than she can imagine right now.  She need not try to make it so, but practice simply allowing it to be so.


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