Where’s Artnunymiss?

Hello everyone!

Thanks for staying in touch while I haven’t been around.  Check me out on medium.com.

Also you can follow my progress as I compete in the reality television show Radical Body Transformation on my Teresa Valentino blog and YouTube page.

Smell ya later!



4 thoughts on “Where’s Artnunymiss?

  1. The other side of the gate

    I received a terse letter from Medium today, demanding I delete or alter the following post within 6 hours to conform to their platform regs.I don’t know what the hell is going on but I can imagine and this is just utter BS!

    ·1 day ago

    I follow you Art, not true crime! Take as long as you need, but I hope you change your mind eventually and come back. Your passion, you perspective, even the stories you choose to cover; are what keeps me coming back. You are a real person and it shows in your writing!
    As for Chrissie Marie Massey- she sounds like one of those empty headed, dizzy bitch’s that I will never read or applaud on because she clearly rattled and upset my friend!
    I have no doubt that your fiction will be good too and I look forward to reading it. But I will truly miss you, my friend! Please stay in touch and be kind to yourself

  2. Please don’t get yourself in trouble! Please delete whatever and stay on good terms with Medium. I shouldn’t have mentioned her name like that. I hope she learned and will go back to writing about soap operas.

    Thanks so much for your good words of support ❤

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