Martin’s Happiness, Astrosplained

Greetings, gentle readers. Long time no smell! I love you guys who wrote me while I was busy losing 130 pounds, and I missed even the ones who didn’t write me. ❤

Let me jump right in with a few things about this very busy chart. I’ve made a video explaining the big changes coming up on this blog. I have a ton of exciting news for you guys.

So I’m not going as in-depth here as I’d like, because this is a really interesting chart. I could do four different advice videos on this and not cover it all. I’m rolling out a whole new web site by the end of the year, planning a Kickstarter, and writing as fast as I go. So I just don’t have time. But by all means please Martin hit me back later and ask follow-ups. Give me a few weeks.

But I can actually see the pain in this chart, and so I want to offer Martin a few practical things he can do to get the most out of this unique life experience he has set up for himself. I’ll do the astrology more in the video hopefully later today, but, I want to focus this post on mostly action steps.

Martin’s original question to me, after earlier joking that he was “cursed”:

What about my chart has me feeling chronically “unlovable”/incapable?

There is no one-sided coin, ever. Every coin has three sides, including the rim. We live in a trinity, not a duality. You are always free to choose which side to go to, and the rim is what allows you to move back and forth. Neutrality can be a saving grace.

Every curse is a superpower flipped upside-down, never forget that.

So Martin’s superpowers are several. I encourage Martin and everyone to begin thinking about each of the planets as a separate voice in his head, as though his life were a novel playing out. Which characters are getting the most lines? Who takes the focus of your energy, and what do they do with it? If you don’t like the direction you’re going in, you must decide what you would prefer, and start taking action in that direction.

Mars is all about taking action. Martin has Mars coruling the chart, but in mutual reception with Mercury and at the head of a locomotive. So Mars is actually doing the lion’s share of the work, but hampered by aspect and sign. And Mars is where we are capable. In other words all the things that make Martin feel incapable are things Martin can change. I encourage Martin to emphasize his collegial Jupiter, become a very Jovial guy and assist his Mars in expressing Martin’s important thoughts and words.

I would like Martin to message me privately in a few weeks to discuss more in depth about Pluto, the Venus/Juno combustion, and the 7th house. I will assign him to research those three things and see how they play out in his life, maybe write me an essay on it and we can follow up in a month or so when I have more time.

  1. I don’t know if Martin is talking about romance or the general Aquarian “nobody gets me” blues, or both. But with Venus and Juno the Spouse tightly combust, one degree off each, there’s an actual loss of boundaries with women generally and the spouse specifically. This is a highly unrealistic expectation, also one that would never bring happiness to this native. I recommend the book 3,096 Days In Captivity by Natascha Kampusch. Her kidnapper had similar issues, however had much less potential for balance than Martin. Anyway his Pluto did run wild, literally threw a little girl in a hole so far in the Earth it took an hour to get in and out of. He was able to do every sick thing he could think of for ten years, much as he wanted. Did it ever satisfy him? No. She wore him down and I read about his death in her book. Healthy Pluto is about mastering yourself, not other people.
  2. Saturn is ruling the Moon here, which is unfortunate. Martin has very strong feelings and doesn’t digest them well. Also with the loss of boundaries and Pluto on the Descendant, Martin needs to learn about projection and healthy boundaries. We can work on this.
  3. Everything retrograde, with the little R, is like a subject you failed and need to do summer school on. It’s a part of your life that takes a little extra work to integrate.
  4. With such a strong Pluto every minor interaction probably feels like all-or-nothing. I see in this chart someone who is not confident in a win-win, especially in love relationships. There’s a complete loss of boundaries here, a need for an extreme level of trust in the relationship. The great news is, even with the Uranian “weirdo” vibe, that much Pluto and Scorpio is always sexy. It’s mysterious. People are intrigued. You are one who can get people to eat out of your hands when you practice the skill.
  5. The Pluto on the Descendant thing in and of itself speaks to wanting a partner to be a dark mirror, a scapegoat onto whom you can project your issues (as a suffering Moon is quick to do). It’s important that you learn to see yourself reflected back in the eyes of others. This is what will make you happy, I promise. Remember that everyone and everything is neutral beyond the meanings you give them.
  6. When we have lingering pains from childhood, it can be good to look to Ceres the Earth Mother to see how to mother ourselves. Where the mother archetype gives in Cancer, the authority archetype takes away in Capricorn. So with all your Aquarian stuff you need a mother with a certain emotional distance that is to be found in cool-breezy Mercury’s sign of Gemini. In the first house, this is the best look for you to keep on your face. Be emotionally light, and intensely focused on the needs of the other person while you’re with to them. This may feel weird for someone who doesn’t have a “medium” switch, only on and off. But practice feeling “medium,” and giving of your heart every chance you get. Practice pretending each person is a child you gave birth to, just in a small way in your head. Imagine things you could do to soothe and comfort others.

This is a very all-or-nothing chart, and so it will be either pure happiness or pure misery unless the native learns to create balance in the ways he prefers. So rather than go in depth on the astrology right now, I’m giving you action steps so you can put that frustrated Mars to work. You have an early Gemini Ascendant that suggests a childlike wonder, an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and communication — free of emotional burden. Therein lies the rub. With this much Pluto? You have emotions, my friend.

So I will suggest you learn the modern form of a Hawaiian shamanic practice which is called ho’oponopono. The basic gist of it is reconciling the fact that “there is no out there, out there.” What we experience as reality, what Saturn is so convinced is all that exists, is nothing more than a simulacrum. There is no one hard and fast reality except All That Is, which is one moment, one particle called “here and now.” Everything else is illusions that we play along with. Life is really a virtual reality that we constantly create with our own beliefs and perceptions.

Think of it this way: your conscious mind, the “Martin” you are aware of and can easily control, is you inside the holodeck. But there’s much more to you, like the part that surprises yourself sometimes, the part you can’t control or anticipate, the things that happen in dreams and just below your awareness. That’s a larger part of you, or more accurately the way you integrate into All That Is, that one moment, one molecule, that is the only real thing. That’s the part of you that programmed in the holodeck experience you call “my life,” shown in this chart, which of course you forgot all about once you stepped into the deck. It’s part of the game that you chose to play.

So here are your action steps. Hopefully I will put more astrology in the video.

  1. Work on ho’oponopono and the holodeck concept. Understand that you never experience any energy but your own, reflected back off of other people. What you can experience of other people is only a tiny fraction of the story, no matter what your judgmental Saturn thinks.
  2. You have Ceres in Gemini in the 1st house. This can help balance your disadvantaged Moon in Capricorn. Train your mind to loving, supportive, sensitive words and thoughts toward yourself and others at all times. That could be the main thing people notice about you, that you’re approachable, open-minded, and always have a helpful word or idea. That’s not false to who you are or can be.
  3. You probably don’t like cats. Cats take a lot of Pluto’s wrath, meaning guys like Nikolas Cruz play hell on them as they work up to the big leagues. I mention Nikolas Cruz because he has a few chart factors in common with yours, so he’s a cautionary tale for you on letting Pluto run amok. Just for one day, Nikolas Cruz was able to make the entire world dance to his tune. He put bullets in a pretty girl’s face, ha fucking ha. Is he happy now? Did that satisfy those urges and they’re gone? Or is it an unquenchable thirst? Speaking from my own horrible Pluto, it’s the road to hell. You can be right or happy, not both. I feel like happy goes better with the sort of mental adventures you live for.
    1. So the thing to do is practice getting cats to kiss you. I mean random, never-seen-him-before alley cats outside your window. I promise you can do this. Practice getting eye contact with a cat. Then just keep blinking really slow until they reciprocate. That can satisfy the Pluto urges, getting a wild animal to blow kisses back at you. Just like with people, they won’t all do it. But it’s a fun game, and the right head space for you to practice communicating emotionally with other people.
    2. Another thing you can practice is called mirroring.Practice matching someone else’s breathing and body language and see if it doesn’t change things for you. You’re not mocking people, not being a dick. You’re learning to feel the way that they feel, meeting them halfway. I promise both of these two exercises are easy and fun.
  4. Because of your Virgo Mars, combined with the intensity of feelings, depth of thought, and unique insights, I hope you are a huge fan of speculative fiction, aka science fiction and fantasy, dragon movies, that sort of thing. I’d steer clear of Game of Thrones or anything that could be described as “torture porn.” All of that is your kryptonite, will actually kill you. But I have three archetypes for you to study. These three men will help you find happiness if you follow their footsteps and trust in their proven genius. I’m hoping you’re a writer or at least a reader.
    1. Kurt Vonnegut had an extremely Plutonic chart and he used it masterfully with his thoughts and words. In Breakfast of Champions Vonnegut breaks the fourth wall. He says something to the effect of, “and things happened this way, because as the author I am the creator-God of this world and I wanted it to be so.” At its best Pluto is about absolute truth, radical honesty, and a willingness to sacrifice all for reformation.
    2. Terry Pratchett was another one who invented worlds like grains of sand, anytime he wanted to, for whatever purpose. He’d imagine a world, and if he liked the way it felt, spend more time there. And he wrote about it. He was a truly wonderful oddball with a Capricorn Moon, Pluto quincunx Juno (which in some way made him a nightmare as a partner I guarantee), a great lover of humanity much like the next guy I’m going to recommend you look at. Importantly, look at the Wikipedia picture of Terry Pratchett. Check those Uranian eyebrows. His forehead had a Fu Manchu moustache. I’m sure Terry Pratchett worked his issues out on the page, punishing and dominating his characters rather than the people of the world. You need an outlet for that Pluto.
    3. Nikola Tesla is your Uranian archetype, the visionary. This is the man you would do well to emulate. Imagine yourself sitting with Tesla in his room, getting his advice on any topic. Please try this at least once or twice, when you feel emotionally stuck, and tell me what happens. People talked to that demigod like he was a jibbering idiot, people who weren’t fit to clean his shoes. That’s your man, the one who can show you how to flip-on your Uranus superpowers. Importantly, he was one who accepted “defeat” with extreme, inexplicable grace. The most gifted scientist ever, the man who wanted to give us free energy, died penniless, a rebuke to his Saturn that he clearly chose. People said Tesla was castrated, literally believing he must have cut his own penis off since he was never in contact with a woman (or man) to anyone’s knowledge. He lived in a world too stupid to understand that a man with a mission could be monastic simply by choice, because it would allow him to focus on his enormously important insights. They weren’t capable of rebuking their own Mars. What if Nikola Tesla has now, had while he was alive, and always will have, a harem of nonphysical women who would die to be with him? People have no idea what Uranus is capable of.

All right, I hope that helps. Sorry it’s not more astrological, but I have a number of astrological points in the video. Get back to me in a few weeks to follow up. And lighten up! Life can be as fun as you allow it to be.

2 thoughts on “Martin’s Happiness, Astrosplained

  1. This was incredible! Both the written explanation and the video. Especially the video. I’ve had my chart read before and given a written interpretation, but the idea of a video explanation is just awesome. I’d love to have one done for me, with a particular question as well. How can I do that?
    Thanks!!! 🙂

    1. You are too kind! I’m in the process of fixing up my site now, but you can order a reading through paypal. Write me at artnunymiss at gmail for more details. ❤

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