Ghislaine Maxwell, Astrosplained

Greetings, gentle readers.

Today let’s look at allegedly the best friend of every wealthy creeper, Ghislaine Maxwell.

Sorry I couldn’t get the aspect table all the way in. In 2021 look for upgraded technology!

Anyway there are a couple of eye-popping things about this chart. Let me make a quick punch list and then do the video.

  1. Sun at 3 Capricorn, with Mercury, Mars, and Venus combust. Venus is just barely poking out of the corona there, but based on the way her life has played out I’m giving her credit for a combust Venus. Her Sun is in the 8th house, which doesn’t surprise me seeing how her life has gone belly up.
  2. Moon conjunct the IC in Leo, also conjunct the North Node.
  3. Bowl chart with a Moon-Jupiter rim opposition.
  4. Aldebaran-Antares right on the Ascendant-Descendant, smack dab.
  5. Jupiter conjunct Pholus on the MC in Aquarius, less than degree off the Midheaven.
  6. Uranus on Regulus.
  7. Neptune at the head of a T-square and sextile the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Pluto, and Uranus.
  8. Criss-crossing set of quincunxes, Uranus to Saturn and Pluto to Jupiter. I have thought of these as the “skull and crossbones.” Such natives can have a great deal of difficulty communicating.
  9. Asteroids Child, Ceres (retrograde), Vesta (retrograde) and Nessus (retrograde) all in the 12th house in Taurus.
  10. Last but not least, Juno the Spouse in the 11th house at 28:56 Pisces, 4 seconds from the last degree in the zodiac.

So this is not a surprising chart based on what I know of Maxwell. This is a really great example of how the fixed stars can play into a chart.

  • With respect to the Sun, Ghislaine’s Sun is in the first decan of Capricorn in the 8th house. I have an 8th house Moon, and in my experience the 8th house is about the things that life will take away from you. It’s about ego death, the process of deciding what’s really important to you and what you’re willing to let go of in order to survive. Like a fox chewing its foot off to get out of a trap, kind of. The 8th is the natural home of Scorpio, co-ruled by Mars and Pluto. Those two malefic guys keep things interesting, driving conflict and forcing transformation.
  • The Moon here is conjunct the North Node, in Leo on the IC. The IC is about the childhood home, who we become in our heart of hearts as a result of our upbringing. This is traditionally believed to be about the influence of the father. I note that Ronald J. Chump has asteroid Fredrick in the 4th house. Ghislaine is who she is because of her father, as the North Node would suggest. The fact that the Moon and Leo are here scream of “Daddy’s girl,” especially in a rim opposition with Jupiter literally right on the Midheaven. That’s her famous dad and Jeffrey making her famous. In Leo, that’s her entire self-image, what she reflects to the world and expects reflected back to her. With the condition of her Moon and the raging Neptune in this chart I would worry about substance abuse and extreme escapism. There’s a strong predisposition to fantasy overtaking reality.
  • The bowl chart often creates a somewhat stagnant energy. The bowls I know are almost always depressed. Basically that big red line in the middle has all of the planets on one side. That’s someone whose energy doesn’t roll all the way around their life, but stays on one side. Bowls can be a person who cuts a recipe’s ingredients in half, and then is disappointed with the low yield. It theoretically could be a glass-half-full mentality, where someone is grateful for being alive at all. In my experience bowls almost always have the glass-half-empty mindset. Extreme fear of missing out, feeling incapable somehow of putting themselves out there like other people do. If you go to Reddit and search, “Why am I so unhappy?” it’s almost always someone with a bowl and a ton of Saturn, like this chart. Famous bowl charts include Ronald J. Chump, as well as his buddies Bernie Sanders and Bob Mueller.
  • All of Maxwell’s angles are extreme. It’s said that if you have a planet within 5 degrees of any angle, especially the Midheaven, that’s a marker of fame called the Gauquelin sector. So having Jupiter (the planet we could nickname “Big Daddy”) right there makes perfect sense for her. It’s also conjunct Pholus, which is really bad news for anybody whose secrets she’s holding. The deal with Pholus, he was the centaur tasked with guarding the sacred wine. Then the other centaurs went off to do important centaur chores involving alcohol and penises. While they were preoccupied, Hercules (a very strong hero) came and got the wine away from Pholus and drank it all up. So Pholus can be where we spill the beans. Aquarius on the Midheaven only underscores the heavy Saturn and Uranus in this chart.
  • Then look at Uranus, retrograde and smack-dab on Regulus. Like this woman has three major fixed star hits on her angles, tightly conjunct. This is a person who was born to have a very big life. With Jupiter on the Midheaven it became global and very public. With Uranus ruling the MC and the rim opposition, she comes across very strange, hard to relate to, inexplicably weird even. Aquarius and Uranus make people feel unsexy, undesirable, sometimes asexual. Sometimes they simply have a lower libido. But often it’s the alienation, the feeling of being misunderstood. And this is especially pronounced in women. Note that Ghislaine has a very asexual style, often wearing cloaks or tunics, simple or no makeup.
  • The thing about these three fixed-star contacts — Aldebaran, Antares, and Regulus — is that each of them is like a high-voltage wire in the life. Any planet on Aldebaran OR Antares automatically makes the epic battle of good and evil a huge focus of the life. Maxwell has this axis as her Ascendant and Descendant, literally how she interacts with other people, how she understands herself in relation to others. Ghislaine has an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. And with her raging Neptune and unique Moon, she’s perfectly positioned to project, deflect, deny, or live on a planet all of her own making.
    Anyway the Regulus contact is very well displayed here. Regulus is the king of kings, where we look for people either with extremely noble missions or enormous self-importance. Harvey Weinstein has the Sun on 29 Pisces, seconds away from Maxwell’s Juno the Spouse. Harvey also has Vesta the True Believer on Regulus. Harvey believed with every fiber of his being that he was entitled to live the way he did.
    With any of these fixed-star contacts, but especially with Regulus, it’s really important to safeguard your integrity. If you misuse the gifts that Regulus has given you, the fall will be soul-crushing. The way her Saturn is quincunx Uranus is definitely not good for someone under suspicion.
  • Neptune at the head of a T-square and sextile the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Pluto, and Uranus. This is really a lot for Neptune, also when you consider Ceres and Vesta are in the 12th house, Neptune’s natural home. Neptune is about wholeness and integration. Ghislaine clearly has a great deal of difficulty digesting the dichotomy of her life sown with the Moon on the IC and Jupiter on the MC. The Moon is where things are so personal and deeply felt, like the IC. And Jupiter is so people-oriented, just like the Midheaven, the most public and outgoing part of oneself.
  • Let me digress for a minute and discuss the 12th house here. First of all Maxwell has both asteroids Child and Ceres the Earth Mother here. This very much fits with the accusations of serving as house mother while young girls were abused. In the 12th house the blind eye that her Neptune so willingly turned became an enormous Achilles’ heel.
    Taurus is ruled by Venus. It’s where she turns into the Material Girl, in the bathtub ordering expensive food and wine delivered to her house. Remember that Venus is about being lovED and supportED, not being the loving, supportive one. That’s the Moon. Money, love, attention, and support are meant to flow toward Venus, not away from her. This is her role in the scheme of things. So that’s where she has Vesta the True Believer, that Daddy’s Little Girl with the Moon on the IC in Leo. It’s in the 12th house, where she’s oblivious. And that’s what can take her down. Then she has Venus all by herself in the 7th house in Sagittarius. Mars has just barely escaped into both Capricorn and the 8th. This is a perfect reflection of the way Jeffrey left her holding the bag.
  • Lastly I pulled up fixed star Hamal, Child, and Nessus just to check. Nessus was the boatman who raped a woman left in his care. Hamal is where we look for exceptional brutality, which I’m not surprised to find out of orb. This is a refined woman, not somebody who breaks legs with bats. But she had things in the area so I checked. Nothing is on Algol. This is really all about ego, money, and fantasy versus reality. Sexually she probably feels like an unwanted oddball because of her Uranus situation. The most notable thing here, other than the presence of Vesta, Ceres, and Child in the 12th in a sign ruled by Venus, is that Ceres is directly opposite the Neptune T-square apex. Ceres is ironically what balances this chart perfectly, and look what she allegedly did with it.

In conclusion, let me say that she will go down very hard. I imagine that the full reality of it has not yet set in for her, although I’m sure she’s terrified. I suspect that this rampaging Neptune is some game she plays within herself, shown in the dueling quincunxes from Pluto to that all-important Jupiter and ruling Saturn to prominent Uranus. OUCH.

Spoiler alert: This is not going to end well for Ghislaine.

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