Veronica’s Happiness, Astrosplained

So gentle reader Veronica contacted me with a question:

I think I have a “bad” chart and I feel lost right now. Specifically I think I am most interested in why I make enemies so easily. I don’t feel like I try to. Also I am trying to figure out my next decade, if I have one. I think I need to do good for society. 

Alrighty. First let me note the synchronicity, which is always a sign of alignment. There are so many people so unhappy these days that I’m working on a book called Your Unhappiness, Astrosplained. That’s literally going to be the name. Because when I look at the charts of people who feel this way, almost invariably they have certain chart factors in common:

  • Poor placement of the Moon and/or Venus are chronic unhappymakers. The Moon is where our heart mind functions. It’s how we can intake information from the higher mind (Neptune) and process it for use in our daily lives. The Moon is about everything we refuse to get conscious of or get control of in our lives. Because nothing in your experience is truly outside your control, though it seems that way. So when the Moon is in bad shape it can be a bumpy ride. Then Venus is our ability to connect with others, how big a family, how loving, all of that. Busted Venus, busted relationships.
  • The bowl chart. In a bowl chart the energy only goes halfway around the wheel. Often there’s an actual opposition, a red line down the middle with all of the planets on one side. This is a problematic shape, the opposite of one like mine or a mystic rectangle where the energy zips around the circle at a high rate of speed like a superball in a small room. A bowl chart can often feel like a turtle on its back, unable to get the legs on the ground and move. I see that same feeling reflected again in your Pallas retrograde at 1 Taurus. As if Pallas the Field Marshall were just dying to roll back a few inches into Mars’ sign of Aries.

Anyway I’m writing the book because it’s really very often the same few things over and over. It’s time to give people a manual to help balance out their charts so that their lives can flow the way they want them to.

  • Prominent/excessive Pluto, Mars, Saturn, and/or Uranus. Each of these causes true unhappiness for different reasons. Pluto gives intensity and control issues. Mars yields entitlement, selfishness, and lack of self-restraint. Saturn also gives entitlement, along with self-service, material focus, imposition of limitations. Then Uranus believes he’s different from everyone else and feel excruciatingly lonely.

Also note that when people think they have a “bad chart,” let’s be clear I think almost everyone who reads this blog has that. My chart has a hellish T-square with Saturn, the Moon, Pluto, and Mars at the apex. So all of the horrible stuff in my chart is like a bomb that lands in the 4th, 8th, and 12th houses, the really hard ones. So I’m not just blowing sunshine up your butts here.

My point in mentioning that is, whenever I do someone’s chart and they say, “Yes, that’s exactly how I feel” after giving me no information but the birth data, that should be a clue to you, the consumer. It’s not you. Especially for the Aquarius/Uranus crowd, your misery, no matter how intense, is not special. You’re unique, just like everybody else. I promise that every problem you have, someone else has already had a much worse version of. Think about it. Your misery plus they live in a war zone. Plus they have no family. Plus they have no money to eat. Right? You can do it all day.

The way you feel, the things you think, the way things seem to you, are in some ways a trick of the mind that you have played on yourself. Right? If I can tell you have chronic control issues with the opposite sex from your birthday, maybe that’s something more like a peanut allergy or an odd shoe size. That’s what you were born with. It’s your job to learn to work with it. Don’t devolve into subjective distress about it, being upset because you’re so upset and feel like you shouldn’t be. How freaked out you get about something is a choice. How much you control your experience is always a choice. Not judging or lecturing anyone here, telling you how I saved my own life.

Astrologically, then, let’s look at the chart, review the above factors.

  1. Sun in Scorpio, ruled by malefics Mars and Pluto. Malefic, remember, is an old-fashioned word for “no-goodnik.” Troublemakers, the big 3 and their friend Uranus who plays along because he gets so lonely. Further complication is that it’s right on the Midheaven, making you someone who gets a lot of attention. Even more exciting, you have Neptune, the North Node, and Mercury combust. Remember that excitement and distress are the same energy viewed from two different perspectives.
  2. The Moon, then, is in Capricorn and the 1st house. Of course Capricorn is exactly where the Moon does not like to be, in her position of submission in the sign of unhappiness. In other words, the chronic unhappiness is a sort of trick of the eye in your life. I’m looking at your birthday and telling you about the pervasive bad mood. Don’t judge yourself about it any more than you would scoliosis. It’s the way you were born. The more time you spend despairing the way things are, the less time you spend slowly but surely making things the way you want them to be, which is a Saturnian superpower.
  3. Another unhappy-making factor that I didn’t mention above is a lot of aspects to the Sun. You don’t have the Moon opposite Uranus for a T-square, which would provide an easier way to reconcile the squares off of the Sun. I will talk more about the Sun in the video hopefully if I remember. But basically the solution here is to work with your scoliosis Moon. Just know that yes, things seem more painful for you and they are. But nobody can suck up the pain like big daddy Saturn. He dishes it out. But he can take it, too. MLK and Jesus were both Capricorns, just saying. Not for nothing Mark Messier, too. You can be very disciplined.
  4. Pluto is perhaps just a smidgen out of orb for Regulus, perhaps not. With the Sun on the Midheaven in this way, you could become quite famous. The person who kidnapped Elizabeth Smart has Neptune combust, and I want to say that’s in Scorpio but don’t quote me. But the Neptune combustion, for sure. He can spout quasi-Biblical-religious nonsense until people hit him with a shovel, and then he will say some more. He does have an enormous imagination with that Neptune, and a complete loss of touch with reality, who he really is or should be in real life, with the combustion.
  5. With Jupiter and Mars in the 9th, your Mars is also disadvantaged in Libra . But Jupiter and Venus are in a lovely mutual reception, meaning that you absolutely do have the potential to be not only popular but quite a leader. I get that if you’re reading my blog you’re probably not out kidnapping children, right? So you’ve found a healthier way to apply your imagination and sense of self. Importantly your Node is in the mix. So you were born into some circumstances that make everything about you very public. This can be a fantastic thing once you learn to turn your bowl-chart turtle right-side up. Because those things are like walking rocks, unstoppable and unshakeable. Bernie Sanders and Bob Mueller both have bowls. Both chronic sourpusses. Bowl chart turtles abide.
  6. To recap, you have malefic Mars coruling the chart but certainly disadvantaged in the sandbox with the much stronger bully Pluto. So consider the role of Pluto in your chart versus Mars. Mars is actually about taking action without hesitation, without self-doubt, without wondering how others will feel about it. Now, anyone with a very heavy Saturn and Pluto can be happier by focusing on being softer with people. Let others go first and win sometimes. Don’t take it personally if someone else beats you, don’t internalize it as a defeat, but as a giving. That said, Mars is about taking action. And it’s the key to this chart.
  7. Chiron is where we deal with our self-destruction. It’s said to be “the wounded healer,” but of course that’s only if and when the person deals with their wounds, right? You can teach what you know, but only after you learn it. When we look at crime charts, if one of the malefics was transiting Chiron at the time of disappearance, it’s probably bad news. So your Chiron is in Aquarius, which could make someone with both Saturn and Venus in the 11th house very lonely. Very alone in a crowd, as the 11th is about large groups, huge families, political parties, that sort of thing. You were probably born into a prominent family, have quite a few markers for it.
  8. There are hard angles from the Ascendant to Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus This could lead to some social anxieties. So let’s look at where the Ascendant is clicking: sextile to Mercury, semisextile to Saturn, and a lovely tight, applying quintile from Neptune. I think that’s a winner in terms of finding your way through to a happier way of interacting. Neptune is about unity consciousness, the fact that there is only one thing and we are all equal parts of it. The more time you spend pondering your existence as one finger on the giant hand called God, the less acute your social anxieties will be.

Quintiles and bi-quintiles point to talent, the desire to create order and to categorize, a fascination with patterns and structures, perfectionist tendencies, and the desire to build or make things. These aspects in the fifth harmonic have the characteristics of both the trine and opposition. They point to awareness of conflicts or problems and finding solutions for them.

9. You have both Ceres the Earth Mother and Uranus in the 7th, with Ceres in Cancer and Uranus in Leo. You also have Chiron in Aquarius, co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus, in the 1st house. So Uranus is surprisingly prominent in this chart. He’s square the Sun and its combustions, probably making you feel like the oddest, least lovable oddball of all. With the Sun square the Moon, and so many squares from the Sun, liking yourself can be an enormous challenge. Again, know that this is spiritual scoliosis, a trick of the eye.

10. With Ceres in Cancer in the 7th you have an opportunity to balance out your Moon situation. Ceres is the mother who plunges into hell to rescue her daughter from Pluto, the Devil. And that’s who’s running loose in your chart. Even if he isn’t maybe on Regulus, he’s dominating the Sun, Mercury, Neptune, and the Node. Anyway the fact that Ceres is in the Moon’s home of Cancer and not Leo makes this abundantly clear. And look, the two moms, Ceres and the Moon, are directly opposite. So you have a naturally built-in way to reflect that energy back to yourself. That’s about being long-term committed to your own happiness, mothering yourself and others, instead of having your moods on your sleeve. Using your Capricorn Moon superpower of self-restraint to redirect focus to loving, passionately motivated self-care and protection of others.

11. Mars is semi-incapacitated in Libra even though he is directly on Spica. Mars is another key to your success, as I will discuss more in the video. It can be a huge blessing to have a somewhat neutered Mars in Libra. On the one hand it can make someone passive-aggressive. On the other hand, with a ton of Saturn including the Moon and Ascendant, it’s good to have that social awareness and desire to be liked, which is often completely absent in Saturnian charts. Pluto wants to be feared and obeyed, not liked.

12. Last but not least, Vesta the True Believer and the Part of Fortune are both there in the 3rd house in Aries, ruled by Mars. Important! Remember what I just said about your Mars being super complicated? Because again, he’s co-ruling the chart. This is one of the true keys for your happiness, learning to work with an empowered and beleaguered Mars. Because your Mars is on Spica, which is directly below Arcturus. So it’s where manna can flow into your life. The Arcturus contact is an extreme blessing especially for one with a pronounced Neptune. Arcturus is about higher-dimensional guidance, the ability to connect with one’s highest, most wonderful probability. How to make what’s wonderful much more probable. And in your chart, it’s all screaming “take action.”

Vesta the True Believer is our eternal flame, our individual true north, the line we would never cross. It is retrograde in Aries, ruled by your complicated Mars. In the 3rd house this is about communication and to some extent interpersonal boundaries, like dealing with people in your immediate surroundings whether you know them or not.

The Part of Fortune, as I understand it, is where the Earth itself would be shown in the chart. Therefore the Part of Fortune can be seen as a sort of “you are here,” or X marks the spot where we might dig for buried treasure. The Part of Fortune is, in my understanding, how to ground the energies of your life. And that’s key for a troubled Neptune, grounding. So taking action on what’s really important to you, in small ways. Being clear on your own eternal flame, what it is you think you might have to contribute to the world, and then putting it out there. I get that it may be hard for you to feel your mission, based on the vagueness of your question and the incapacitated Moon and Neptune. Your Moon is like a weak muscle that you must practice working in order to really get the goodness from your Neptune. Because like your Mars, your Neptune is actually a latent superpower waiting to be flipped over. But it truly is a muscle. When you take control of your life, decide what you value most and then put your gears behind it, you will be unstoppable. And with your Venus/Jupiter situation that should be entirely possible.

Understand that with your Capricorn Moon in the 1st house, you may come across as a cold fish. With the intense Scorpio, you can be a sexy or mysterious little devil, especially with Neptune combust. With a strong Neptune some people immediately distrust you. So that’s a little ball of contradictions that may throw people off. Aquarian and Uranian personalities especially have a ton of difficulty reconciling Neptune’s reality, that there is only one thing and we are all part of it. Uranus believes himself to be an island, the only one who has ever had his problems. Neptune knocks all of that down. Saturn believes that what he can see, feel, and touch is all there is. Neptune is the magical part of life that can only be accessed through imagination and intuition.

So since again I assume you’re not kidnapping children into a cult like the guy who harmed Elizabeth Smart, the question remains what would you like to do with that energy? How could you focus your imaginative inner world, your wild thoughts and ideas, in a way that enhances your life and the lives of everyone? What kind of world would you build with your life?

Your Jupiter in Libra in the 9th is in fine shape. And Jupiter is where we look to get ourselves out there and mingle with the people. Jupiter is good-time Charlie, the one everybody is glad to see. So you can play up that part of yourself as well as the Ceres in Cancer. The Capricorn Moon can be very good for keeping things on an even keel when emotions are running high. Just know that the cold, sour, sadness is not so much something to focus on. Focus on what you want, the Jupiter/Venus/Ceres stuff, and win.

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