Kenneth Copeland, Astrosplained

Ladies and Gentlemen, Tempes and Tampas,

Now that I’ve Astrosplained Paula White-Cain, I think Trump’s other pastor needs a looking at. You might want to put on safety glasses first. Or take some antipsychotic medication just in case.

He seems nice.

So in case you’ve never heard of Kenneth Copeland you’re in for a real treat. Like Paula White-Cain he’s famous for epic freakout sermons where he speaks in tongues and orders the forces of nature around. I’m thinking about starting my own Pentecostal church where I collect the same amount of money as these folks and then give it away. Comment below if you feel anointed. Then buy a homeless person some food. Amen!

I’m a true fan of white people doing the funky chicken for Jesus. This is a good Kenneth Copeland starter pack if you want to explore Christian-grifter-themed dance music.

Thank God that’s solved.

First things first, I always like to look at the Sun. Thanks to the good citizens over at someone put a proper birth time into the database so we have angles to work with. Thanks, whoever did that!

Kenneth has the Sun in the 4th house in Sagittarius. So the Sun is ruled by Jupiter, which makes perfect sense for a guy who runs a megachurch. Jupiter is the part of religion where church and mega belong in the same word. Jupiter is great at spending other people’s money. Then Neptune is the faith part where people see the Virgin Mary in a puddle in a subway station.

I’m a Catholic, like this lady touching the miraculous subway puddle.

Kenneth has an interesting set of paired planets from the middle of Sagittarius to Capricorn. The Sun is at 14 Sagittarius with Pallas Athena combust, actually cazimi under the ancient definition of 1 degree. If we think of Pallas as the Field Marshal, the one who identifies patterns and creates strategies, it might be fair to say his Pallas is cazimi rather than combust. He has created an enormous megachurch and propaganda ministry out of nothing but his force of will and the interpersonal connections he forged. You have to give him props for strategy.

Then the Moon, Juno the Spouse, and Ixion the Betrayer have all just squeaked into the 2nd house at 1, 2, and 3 Libra. I think the Libra Moon is what keeps Kenneth from appearing quite as demonic as he otherwise would. Believe it or not this is the more superficial, balanced, people-pleasing version of Kenneth, much more charming than it would’ve been in nitpicky Virgo.

The proximity of the Moon, Juno, and Ixion in a sign ruled by Venus is kind of mind-blowing metaphorically. Venus again is about the people in our lives. Like Paul LePage, this guy had the right friends to do what he wanted to do with his life. He met the right people at the right time. They helped him make something out of nothing.

Copeland also has Venus in the 5th house conjunct the Vertex, again pointing to the strategic unions with people whose company he quite enjoys, not only his wife but she is certainly key. Other people put Kenneth Copeland where he is because they enjoy working together.

I have to say from what I know of Copeland’s life, again he seems to be manifesting the gifts of Pallas very well, creating a vast global enterprise by sheer force of will. Then Juno the Spouse so prominently placed says (1) his wife has everything to do with it, (2) he makes key, strategic partnerships, not only with his wife, and (3) Kenneth Copeland will betray his closest ally and possibly be betrayed by them (Ixion).

Copeland’s Ascendant is at 7 Virgo, ruled by Mercury. With his strong Virgo and Libra, he’s always immaculately groomed, sometimes in a head-to-toe white suit costing more than I make in several years. I really know nothing about men’s fashion, but I can tell you his wardrobe is worth a fortune. That’s Venus always wanting to look polished on the surface. And Virgo can be a nitpicky grooming freak, like Roger Stone. I’d say Copeland is almost as flamboyant as Roger Stone, though neither of them could hold a candelabra to Liberace.

Kenneth has a splash pattern, where the planets are all fairly evenly distributed around the wheel. This isn’t so common. But notably it’s the same pattern as Bob Marley, Eckhart Tolle, and Esther (Abraham) Hicks. At first I didn’t get how this description fit Copeland, the “citizen of the world.” To me he seems every bit the white guy from Texas.

But if you watch the interview below you can see Copeland shifting gears repeatedly looking for the upper hand with this reporter. Watch the many ways he stalls for time throughout this conversation. He really does go all the way around the wheel from dismissive, to fawning, to shouty, trying every angle to control the interaction.

Do you really want to be in a tube full of demons while you’re getting ready to preach?

So while he’s talking about how he needs to be in Peru one day and Lagos the next, and listing off all the different planes he owns, note that he has the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius the Adventurer, and Mercury the Messenger ruling the Ascendant in Virgo. Jupiter and Sagittarius love nothing more than to criss-cross the globe constantly, spending other people’s money.

Kenneth has the Sun and Mercury both heading up T-squares with Saturn and Neptune. I would call Copeland’s Neptune both prominent and debilitated, because it’s in the 1st house (prominent) in Virgo, his detriment. The T-square between the Sun in Sagittarius and bad news Saturn in Neptune’s sign of Pisces puts Neptune in a bad way.

So as I mentioned with almost everybody connected to or friendly with Trump, when you have challenged Neptune and prominent Saturn, look for a grifter. Neptune is about integrity, whether everything you say and do stands up to the light of day. Neptune is about answering on judgment day. And then Saturn really doesn’t believe in that abstract stuff. He believes in his ledgers. A Saturn-Neptune challenge is where the love of money comes into direct conflict with the native’s integrity.

Don’t let me forget to mention that asteroid Honeycutt, where we want more than our share, is 2 degrees from Neptune. So you can throw that grasping greed into the mosh pit of conflict among Copeland’s integrity (Neptune), thoughts and words (Mercury), ego and sense of self (Sun), and material focus (Saturn).

Importantly asteroid Lie is not especially remarkable here at 11 Leo. It’s trine the Sun and sesquare Mercury and sextile Mars. So Kenneth may really believe his own BS and it’s not actually lies at all. The Mercury minor angle may suggest he lies to himself, believes his own propaganda. But Lie doesn’t figure prominently in this chart.

So when we have a guy who runs a megachurch, we need to look at Jupiter, Neptune, and Pisces. Saturn is in Pisces in the 7th as discussed above. The Descendant and the 7th house are where we play out our stuff with and through other people. This is the classic place to project, to blame others for our own stuff. I have a former friend with Saturn in the 7th. He was a non-stop user, not only financially but emotionally, a total bummer to partner with. The more I gave, the more he demanded.

This is also inconjunct Mars in Libra (which is not where Mars belongs). With Saturn in the 7th and his strong Capricorn — housing both Jupiter and Venus — Kenneth has a very hard streak. This guy can work harder than someone that airy normally would, and play a long game. With his compromised Mars I’d say he’s not a very physical guy, not into fitness, although Virgo rising likes to stay trim.

The Saturn-Neptune opposition, in which Neptune loses mightily, shows one whose integrity bows to money and earthly authority every time. Having the Sun and Mercury at the apex make this conflict the core of who Copeland believes himself to be.

Speaking of which, Kenneth has Ceres the Earth Mother at 0 Capricorn conjunct Jupiter at 1 in the 4th house of our parental home. This suggests to me that Copeland’s mother came from extreme deprivation and hardship, and that she’s the one who motivated him to make as much money as possible, that money equaled virtue. It wouldn’t surprise me if Copeland came from oil money, mining, or farming, other resources that would flow freely from Ceres.

Importantly Ceres is where we see extreme motivation, like the willingness to race into hell after your kidnapped daughter. So that right on Jupiter explains the whole megachurch thing. That’s a direct response to what his mother wanted from him. Venus late in Capricorn only underscores that for me. It’s part of his identity to lavish the women in his life with money. and not for nothing he’s quite Venusian himself with the couture silk shirts, and I’m quite sure he self-pampers extensively.

Kenneth has those criss-crossing inconjuncts that I see popping up in the charts of so many antisocial people. The inconjunct or quincunx is like an irreconcilable difference within the personality, part of themselves the native doesn’t accept or can’t reconcile in some way. It’s like strangers jammed together on a bus, forced to cooperate to some extent though they don’t know or like each other.

When there are two sets of those criss-crossing in a chart, as we see with Nikolas Cruz, for example, it strikes me as a sort of internal chutes and ladders, where the native has a complex series of responses, feelings and ideas bouncing from one inconjunct planet to the next until one of them responds. I’m interested to know what other people think of this idea, comment below. Am I just making stuff up?

Pluto inconjunct Jupiter (overcompensating for insecurities with flamboyance) and Saturn inconjunct Mars (if you want something done right, do it yourself; my way or the highway) there is a strong chance of rubbing this person the wrong way in perfectly innocent communication.

Kenneth has Chiron opposing the Sun, Mercury, and the Node. This suggests to me that he will not in fact check himself, but wreck himself. Importantly, it’s in the 10th house in Gemini, and directly on Mintaka.

I think of Mintaka as the fascist-antifascist axis. Someone with a Mintaka connection feels very strongly one way or the other. I happen to have Venus on Mintaka and have never understood how “Social Justice Warrior” could be construed as an insult. I hope if I have a tombstone it will say that. I’m quite sure based on his words and deeds Copeland feels the exact opposite. Barron Trump has a Mintaka connection. Keep in mind Mintaka is in Gemini, and this does add intellectual bandwidth. Barron is IMO by far the smartest and most capable person in his family. So it remains to be seen which direction he takes it in terms of fascism or antifascism.

Kenneth has Vesta the True Believer on Sirius, the hottest star in the sky. This could explain his zeal and how well it has paid off for him. In his own way, I think Copeland does believe in the things he says, within his own context. He believes his own propaganda, which is really what I would call that Neptune in the 1st house. He’s a perfect smoke and mirrors machine, perfectly packaged and marketed.

So here’s something I pondered: Copeland’s IC/MC axis is about 3.5 degrees off of the Antares-Aldebaran axis. The general consensus for fixed stars, in a rule-of-thumb sort of way, is a 1 degree orb. Something must be directly on the fixed star or opposite; other angles don’t count. But the epic battle of good and evil is very evident in his life, although his chart isn’t especially Plutonian. Normally the extreme polarization, like a pastor calling up demons, that’s pretty Pluto. I mean a guy who can go in and out of devil faces like that, you know. His Pluto is a crapburger that I will explain below. But overall I think the Pluto is more of a tool for the fixed stars. It’s more of a coping mechanism than an actual motivational driver in this chart IMO.

Copeland has Uranus on fixed star Hamal. IMHO Hamal is the demon I see speaking through Copeland, who still looks very rough and unattractive even with all of the obvious self-care and expensive clothing. You can only pretty him up so much, he still kind of looks like Hamal. I think between this and the Mintaka connection that accounts for the demon faces and other obvious discrepancies.

But yes, if you look Kenneth’s Pluto is a bit of a wrecking ball in the chart, having aspects, mostly harsh, with 6 of the 9 other planets.

With Roger Stone the mix of blessings and curses was actually a push. I couldn’t decide whether he would die in jail or not based on the many bright spots. A girl can dream.

But with Kenneth I am pretty sure he’s cruising for a bruising. With the Moon, Juno, and Ixion right together as they are in Libra, then Venus on the Vertex in the 5th, I see Kenneth trampling someone close to him, extremely close to him, and expecting that person to be fine. That person may feel massively betrayed like Michael Cohen, whose stars show that he would absolutely have gone down willingly for Trump but he had no choice, they had the goods anyway.

What I see coming down the pike for Kenneth is that someone who knows a whole lot about Kenneth will feel massively betrayed. With Pholus opposing Vesta, Capricorn in the 5th versus Cancer in the 11th, I imagine a scenario where some insider feels like they got burned or thrown under the bus, and discloses a bunch of personal spending of church money. Especially with the Pluto-Venus opposition, Kenneth expects way too much from people.

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