The Setagaya Murders

Why would anyone kill the Miyazawa family?

Miyazawa residence

Gentle reader,

This is a really sad story. So I won’t go into the details, which are heartbreaking. I’m looking at the unsolved home-invasion murder of a couple and their two small children, the Miyazawa family of Tokyo.

There was a recent breakthrough in the case of Barry and Honey Sherman, another double murder inside the home. I am interested to see how that will be resolved, what other heinous crap that person has done. I write true crime because I never got justice. The police have a lot of information in the Miyazawa murders, and I believe it’s only a matter of time.

Anyway there are a number of differences in the two cases, aside from the tragic additional deaths of two small children.

For one thing there is reason to suspect the Shermans were personally targeted possibly by a business rival. There was no forced entry at the Sherman home, whereas in the Miyazawa case it is known that the intruder forced entry and murdered the young boy first. Whoever killed the Shermans didn’t break in and run wild. He came in and hung them.

What I wanted to know was why. Why kill this family while they slept?

Rear of the Miyazawa house abuts Soshigaya Park

I’m practicing reading transits now. So without getting into anything too horrible I want to see what was going on that day that allowed this situation to arise.

I should say that what I do with astrology is kind of like a police sketch, in a way. I can take observable features about someone’s chart and draw in the basic frame, choose which parts to feature with my selection of asteroids like I might add a dab of white highlight. With celebrities I can take what I know of their lives and find them in the chart, reverse engineering.

So I’m looking at the chart for the date and time, basically just the transits for that day all over Tokyo. Of course most people in Tokyo didn’t have anything like this happen for them. But for one family it did. So I want to see what circumstances allowed that to arise, why this happened.

SYNOPSIS: A mentally disturbed person saw the Miyazawa boy probably while the killer was in the park. With Child in the 9th the boy was playing outdoors and caught his eye. Something about the boy’s demeanor triggered him to actually snap, Jupiter in the 9th and that desire to have fun having a very big Mars/anger problem here. Mercury is combust and creating extreme frustration in self-expression. Ultimately this person was acting out problems from his own childhood on the Miyazawas. My guess is that he envied and raged at their comfortable home and family based on his own mental disorders from child abuse. He saw the boy carefree in the lovely home and decided to go kill him. I don’t believe he intended to kill all of them. He didn’t think it through that far, he acted on pure impulse.

We know certain things about this murderer. They have his DNA, and hopefully at some point that will be enough to locate him. When they do, I’m sure he will have a long history of bizarre violence. This had very little to do with the Miyazawas, unlike the Shermans.

  1. Sun in Capricorn in the 4th house. This was a home invasion in which the whole family was murdered, reflecting the 4th house.
  2. Moon, Venus, Uranus, and Neptune all in Aquarius. A person with this natal configuration would likely feel enormously alienated and depressed. It also tracks with a random delusional, deranged person person coming out of nowhere. I have a sense of this person having floated through Setagaya like a breeze, only partially aware of what he did.
  3. Maniac on the same degree as Chiron in the 3rd house. It’s clear from the facts that this was a disorganized killer. He attacked a small boy with the whole family home. A more focused killer would probably have killed the adult male first. So I pulled up asteroid Maniac, and it’s right there on Chiron, where people can snap. In the 3rd house it was about communicating and expressing it all as Jupiter entered Gemini.
  4. This is a locomotive chart with a Mars in Scorpio engine. In a locomotive chart there’s a lot of drive to accomplish, especially with the Sun in hardworking Saturn. Then look at the hard angle to Jupiter in Gemini in the 9th, where he wants to make his mark. Mars in Scorpio is brutal and sadistic.
  5. Mars is ruling the Descendant. With Mars quincunx Jupiter in the 9th, the desire to explore and have adventures takes a very dark turn. Pluto is also in Jupiter’s sign of Sagittarius.
  6. Pluto is conjunct Ceres in the 3rd house. Ceres the Earth Mother is where we look for extreme motivation. This plays back into the odd Jupiter and Mars situation, where disordered thoughts and ideas can get big (Jupiter) and maybe strike (Mars). The killer was motivated by expressing his rage about his disordered thoughts. That’s not a giant leap from the fact pattern. The attack was extremely brutal and makes no sense.
  7. Last name Miyazawa appears on two asteroids: MiyazawaKenji and MiyazawaSeiroku. Here we see MiyazawaSeiroku in the 12th house directly opposition Sado. MiyazawaKenji is on the Ascendant at 7 Libra. The 12th is the house of unseen enemies, haters you don’t see coming. The Ascendant is like the first order of business.
  8. North Node on Sirius. Something really big happened.
  9. Chaos and Saturn both on Algol the Blinking Demon. That can’t be good.
  10. Asteroid Child in the 9th. As I discussed above, I believe that the boy was outdoors when the killer spotted him. Something about the boy’s loved, carefree life made the killer decide to let it all hang out that day.

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