Gavin Newsom, Astrosplained

Greetings, Queens Merry and California Dreamboats.

Gentle reader Merry referred to Gavin Newsom as “Governor Batman.” And yes, that’s him pictured above. Swoon away. I don’t know why he travels all the way to Utah to see Mitt Romney’s barber, but as long as it’s on his own dime I don’t care.

And speaking of synchronicity, Gentle Reader Cal recently asked me to talk a bit more about the Moon. I compared the Moon to the digestive tract of the zodiac. It’s where the icky stuff moves through. We have these “gut feelings.” Cancer, the sign ruled by the Moon, is known for its (s)mothering, specifically food preparation, grandma baking our traditional cookies, that sort of thing. Things that give us those irreplaceable feels. And also the feels we wish we could escape, like nightmares. And the way we’re just not always in the same sort of mood for reasons we don’t seem to control.

While we’re asleep our brains are busy with dreams, and our intestines are in there doing stuff — we can tell when we wake up. But we don’t know exactly about either. Like we don’t directly control the actual formation and passing of the poop. Right? The Moon is where we have our feelings, which live in our bodies.

And this is a perfect time to look at that. Gavin Newsom is sexy enough for us to have this important emotional hygiene talk. It’s like the spiritual sex ed class our whole world has never been allowed to have, the Moon and how to deal with it.

With the Capricorn Moon it’s not that things aren’t deeply felt. It’s that the Saturnian tendency to coldness and sourness may be more deeply felt. And there’s a sort of internal rebar, a person who never lets you see them sweat. Saturn knows how to stand there silently like an adult and wait when that’s what needs to happen.


I have so much to say about Governor Batman that I will be doing a video splain on him — same governor time, same governor channel.

SYNOPSIS: My fantasy lover, Gavin Newsom is unbeatable for POTUS in 2024. I hope to campaign vigorously for Newsom-Ocasio-Cortez 2024. I know that sounds crazy, and maybe it is. But I’m in love with the idea and I believe it could happen. Here’s astrologically why:

  • Sun in the 2nd house in Libra, looking to balance out those values. Asteroid Ocasio-Cortez combust, right where a good vice president belongs.
  • Capricorn Moon in the 4th. Gavin’s childhood upbringing gave him some emotional backbone. Like Melania Chump, Gavin could be dying inside and you wouldn’t see it on his face.
  • The Ascendant is where this chart goes completely bonkers, with Pluto and Ceres the Earth Mother both on the same degree, 21 Virgo. Despite being an acolyte of Nancy Pelosi, after looking at the chart I know Newsom is a heartfelt environmentalist, extremely motivated to create change. What I see in this chart is the possibility of him telling Miss Nancy and her corporate cadre to suck it. This chart gives me faith in the future, a very fresh new feeling for me.

21º Virgo: A man burning a will as he triumphantly looks towards another lying on a table.
Denotes one of resourcefulness and determination who can be trusted to protect and safeguard his vital interests. Others, perhaps even amongst his own kinsmen, may interfere or attempt to interfere with the liberty of the native and prevent his free actions, and he may have to use craft to protect his rights and himself. It is a symbol of Finesse.

  • The part of this chart that actually punched me in the eye, though, was Jupiter. Newsom has Jupiter, Pallas Athena, and asteroid America on the same degree as Regulus. All on the same degree! Jupiter conjunct Venus, all in the 12th house.
  • This is a locomotive chart with a Jupiter engine. This man lives to govern and as noted above, was born to govern. Another one with prominent Pluto and a locomotive chart, a fire in his belly to go to extremes, Stephen Miller. Loathe him or hate him, Stephen Miller gets things done on his extremist agenda.
  • Jupiter ruling the IC with Mars on the same degree (!) and Vesta the True Believer conjunct. This is a person who will take action from his heart of hearts, his own personal true north.
  • Jupiter also ruling the Descendant, with Chiron and asteroid California conjunct, Saturn also in the 7th in Aries. Gavin Newsom takes California entirely personally, to a fault even. Chiron is where we either get a grip on our self-destructive tendencies or get destroyed by them. California means everything to him.
  • Part of Fortune conjunct Mintaka on the MC. I believe he will run for POTUS and win.
  • With his Libra and Mars/Pluto/Scorpio, Venus conjunct prominent Jupiter, I will call this another Venus-Mars chart like AOC and Nancy Pelosi. A Venus-Mars chart, where the two are working together or prominent as they are here by association with Jupiter, we see someone who wants to lead, to get others to take action on their agenda.

Let’s look at a few other people who have prominent Pluto placements. Pluto is about transformation, extremism, doing things 100 percent or not at all. Some of my favorite people are Plutonians:

  • Colin Kaepernick with Pluto cazimi or combust
  • Martha Stewart with Pluto and Chiron combust
  • Beyonce with Venus and Pluto on the Ascendant
  • Malcolm X had Pluto on Sirius conjunct Mars and the Descendant
  • Angela Davis has Pluto conjunct the North Node in a kite
  • Frida Kahlo with Pluto conjunct Venus on Mintaka

As I told Milo, Pluto is for people who can’t take the weak sauce. With Pluto we need to go all the way through to the other side. Partial change won’t do. This is why I was so glad to see this Ascendant.

If that wasn’t juicy enough, promising enough that Gavin might actually be the guy who can deliver what I’ve waited for all my life, look at his transits for Election Day 2024.

Gavin Newsom transits for Election Day 2024

In the transits, note:

  • The Sun is transiting directly over Newsom’s Ascendant-ruling Mercury in the 3rd house. His thoughts, ideas, and communications are the focus.
  • Jupiter is transiting directly over the Midheaven and Part of Fortune. If one were running for president this would seem highly auspicious.
  • Ocasio-Cortez is transiting over Regulus and Newsom’s natal Jupiter/Venus/Pallas America conjunction. That actually made me giggle. What if she runs for POTUS and he’s the Vice President?
  • Ruling Venus and Pallas Athena are transiting over natal Mars and Vesta the True Believer in the 4th
  • North Node transiting over Saturn. This could be terrible news, or could be a major uptick professionally, especially with Jupiter on the Midheaven
  • Neptune has just transited over California and Chiron. Gavin’s strong identification with California personally and professionally will either make him or break him, launch him or destroy him. If he’s been a huge liar all along Chiron will wreck him. If he’s been a secret alcoholic all along he’ll be screwed on November 4, 2024. Especially with the Moon transiting over Antares, that won’t be good. But no, I think he’s the real thing.

Bottom line, in 2024 I expect Governor Batman and the Girl Wonder to kick some real asses with a Green New Deal. I may be in fantasy land completely. But I see beautiful things ahead. Gentle Reader, you know I had no faith in Bob Mueller. I gave Kamala Harris the benefit of the doubt, and she was so shady in the 2020 primary that I will never forgive her. So I’m all on board for Newsom-AOC 2024. If only in my dreams!!!

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