Matt Gaetz, Astrosplained

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dudes and Dorkettes,

I’ve been quite the crack mommy with respect to the blog. You were always on my mind, even when I couldn’t write. And now that it looks like there may be a prom season in 2021 I’m back with the news you can use regarding one Matt Gaetz. His book cover is so amazing for so many reasons, not the least of which is how much he looks like the Mooch in that picture.

Natal chart
Matt Gaetz, Astrosplained

Let’s start with the Sun, which Matt has at 16 Taurus. The Moon is in opposition at 12 Scorpio. Whenever the Sun is in opposition to the Moon, there’s a general discomfort within one’s skin, not feeling quite right within one’s self-identity without much personal work. If you think of the Sun and the Moon as the self-image and feelings/subconscious, you can see how this would be an automatically challenging way to live. Lots of people have it. I’m just saying it’s front and center in this chart..

With the Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Scorpio, and especially with the unknown Ascendant, I would call this a Venus-Mars chart. And really Matt Gaetz is highly teachable because he’s an extraordinarily public person. He was born the same year I graduated high school, and he’s already peaked. I’m of course jumping the gun, because he’s innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. But politically he’s toast. Apparently the doorman won’t let him in at Mar-Gu-Lago.

So with a Venus-Mars chart we see someone who lives to move others on their agenda. They rally the herd, is what they do. AOC has a Mars-Venus chart, as does Malcolm X, Nancy Pelosi, really prominent Venus and Mars is common in famous people for this reason.

With Taurus we’re looking at one of a herd. Venus is about affections and connections, and Gaetz well exemplifies this idea. His primary benefactor, Donald J. — Gaetz (you thought I was going to type Trump, didn’t you?) made Matt exactly who he is. Taurus is well-loved, lazy, territorial, enjoys the good life. Bit of a homer for the above reasons. Taurus is very much centered on the Fs: food, family, and finances. And in Matt’s case maybe also f*cking. Allegedly.

Anyway being one of a Taurean herd isn’t a bad thing per se. It just means you think of yourself as a French-Canadian, or a biologist, or a Jehovah’s Witness, or whatever herd you feel you belong in. I identify within my herd, kind of like the 11th house. And you can only imagine how it’s his fraternity, his town in Florida, the Republican party, lord knows whatever other sausage parties Matt Gaetz identifies with. Like Jupiter, Venus always likes a crowd. So if he does go to jail at least he won’t be lonely, though I’m sure he’ll hate the food, the decorations, and the women — all very important to Taurus.

We don’t know Matt’s Ascendant, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it were late in Leo conjunct fixed star Regulus. I say this because Gaetz is almost a classic “bigger they come, harder they fall” cautionary tale. In general this whole chart is teachable including about fixed stars.

  • Venus and Mars are ruling the Sun and Moon. They’re also poorly placed in each other’s signs (in this case each to their own detriment). This is called “mutual reception,” when planets are guests in each other’s signs. It’s almost like staying in each other’s Air BnB or something, in each other’s spaces and mutually answerable. Again this is to the disadvantage of both planets. Does Mars ever want to be at 0 Libra? No, no he doesn’t. Nor does Venus like it in the first decan of Aries. And while we’re at it, Scorpio is a rather dark setting for the Moon, who has no light of her own and must reflect another’s light source like a mirror.
  • Chiron is combust at 22 Taurus. This speaks to self-destructive tendencies stemming from self-image issues, with the Sun not getting along with the Moon and Venus opposing Mars. Chiron is like that pile of oily rags in the zodiac. It’s an ordinary part of life that must be managed or it can spontaneously combust and burn the whole house down. Everybody has a sort of Achilles’ heel, a weak spot where they can get into real trouble if they don’t watch it. In Matt’s case I take it as a lack of self-awareness regarding his self-image.
  • Mercury is on Aldebaran, Pluto is on Spica and Arcturus, and the North Node is on Sirius. So Matt got into the fast lane, because each of these giant, distant energies has its own ancient teachings and blessings. Each of them is like a friend in a high place looking out for you.
  • This is a mystic rectangle chart. With a mystic rectangle we see someone who is anywhere from a connoisseur to a snob, but always very discerning. There’s always a certain elitism with mystic rectangles. These are the sophisticated, good-taste people. And Venus-ruled natives have a bit of that anyway, with Venus being a bit demanding sometimes especially in Taurus. Venus can be fussy or high maintenance. Taurus is about the opulent, indolent lifestyle, and that’s emphasized in a mystic rectangle. (Similar to how a locomotive chart may have a Mars feel.)
  • Pluto is running amok in this chart. With the Aldebaran contact there’s an automatic reference to Antares. Matt is quite the little devil. Actually he’s playing quite a role in the transformation of our society, at least politically, with his extremism. Nobody in the Republican caucus stood behind him, reflecting that Venus having issues with both Mars and Jupiter. Jupiter is about the government, and in this case the people in the government not feeling Matt.
  • With the North Node on Sirius, Matt’s personal story as the son of extreme privilege checks the boxes. The North Node is destiny or fate, the choices you’ve made before birth that seem out of your control. Sirius the Dog Star is the brightest one in the sky, and adds extreme heat and intensity to whatever it contacts. Gaetz was born to play the role he’s playing. He’s the only one who could do it, and it came naturally to him as shown in the North Node. The North Node is always about the agenda of your higher self, your destiny.
  • The two most relevant aspects in this chart are both at 0 degrees and applying, the inconjuncts from Venus to Jupiter, and from the Sun to Saturn. Inconjuncts are irreconcilable differences among planets, sort of like being trapped in an elevator with a stranger you don’t necessarily care for. You’re forced to solve problems with this mismatched person. I’ll get into that more on the YouTube.
  • Lastly don’t let me forget that Neptune is at the head of a T-square with Venus and Mars. Neptune is about integrity, either cleaning up your life or sweeping things under the rug. When Neptune is troubled there can be substance abuse issues, mental health problems, or lies. Neptune can be about confusion or delusion, and he can knowingly deceive people. A great example of bad Neptune is the guy who kidnapped Elizabeth Smart, with Neptune combust. That guy lied as freely as other people breathe. Invented a religion where he would be God, and then converted his wife to it. Not to say that he couldn’t have had any real insights, I’m sure he did. There’s no doubt in my mind that person could have visited other realms in his mind. But that had nothing to do with the choices he made, which he was definitely clear on. He wanted people to think he was schizophrenic when that suited him. He knew exactly what he was doing, and that it was wrong. But he had an accomplice playing along and that was all he needed. Matt Gaetz’s Neptune is more likely playing out in the drug use, which is mitigating his Aries Venus where he’s aggressive in seeking support and his Libra Mars where he’s passive aggressive. And anybody with this much Scorpio is sneaky AF.

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