Kyrsten Sinema, Astrosplained

Lentils and Landlubbers,

Again the good people at have gone to the trouble of sourcing celebrities’ birth data and sharing with the class! Thanks, guys.

So let’s look at the manic pixie dream senator from Arizona, Kyrsten Sinema. I find it very hard for some reason not to type Krysten, and not to pronounce it KRIS-ten in my mind. KEER-sten for whatever reason twists my brain up. So be forewarned I’m not going to promise that I get this woman’s name right because I really don’t care, do u?


Krysten has the Sun in the 10th house in Cancer, making her a bit of a mama bear by nature. Cancer is the sign of the mother. It’s about baking, scrapbooking, all of that nostalgic, sentimental stuff that doesn’t seem to actually fit what we can see of the Manic Pixie Dream Senator (MPDS).

The 10th house is about our career, importantly how we earn our money. I would expect Cancer in the 10th maybe for someone who runs a women’s shelter or some children’s institution, or at least a restaurant. But it can also be someone very traditionalist and backward-facing, too. Before running for senate Sinema was a social worker, which does fit. That’s what I’d expect for 10th house Cancer Sun with Venus combust. Her Midheaven is on fixed star Sirius, putting a huge spotlight on her career.

Especially with Venus combust, only 7 degrees from the Sun and thus obscured in the corona, there’s a decidedly woman-centered flair to this chart. Oprah also has combust Venus, but then again so does Gordon Ramsay and nobody’s ever called him a lesbian.

Venus combust can suggest a loss of interpersonal boundaries. Venus is about affections and connections, who loves you and who would be there for you. This sort of strong Venus placement makes sense in someone who is very popular, or at least has other people very much entwined in their lives. This sort of Venus can often go far in the world, getting lots of people to love and support them. It’s not always the kinder, gentler, Anna Nicole Smith type of Venus either. General John Kelly has prominent Venus in even worse shape than Sinema’s.

I’m calling Venus, the Sun, and the Moon compromised here. The Sun is in the Moon’s sign, so the sense of identity is feelings-based. There’s a sort of spiritual auto-immune disorder, with the feeling part of her (the Moon) in a notoriously lonely, misunderstood place (Aquarius) ruled by her enemy Saturn. The Cancer Sun in general creates someone kind of passive and quick to project. Speaking now as a Cancer Sun native myself, I don’t like to do my feeling in a vacuum. And with the Moon in Aquarius you’re not necessarily so easy to relate to. I think this reflects back on the combust Venus, where she can be a people-pleaser, promising them anything but giving them Chanel.

Again with Venus combust there can be a loss of personal boundaries. She may overidentify with others, or be a passive-aggressive people-pleaser. Libra’s shortcoming is poor integrity, caring only about surface appearances. Taurus’ issue is laziness/selfishness. I can imagine Sinema becoming a bit of a crazy person to work for as Amy Klobuchar is said to be, though with Libra on the Ascendant and prominent Pluto she’s probably more passive-aggressive, more concerned with appearances. I think her cute little curtsy when she did that “screw you” vote on the minimum wage fits that picture exactly. She’s guarding the pocketbooks of the ones she represents (Jupiter in Taurus) by killing the minimum wage hike. She doesn’t get what a bad look that is no matter what she’s wearing.

With the ego self (the Sun) in Cancer a person may be prone to projection, because the Sun is trying to work in the Moon’s style. That in my estimation will add to the debilitated Venus issues. The Moon is emotionally needy and the loss of boundaries doesn’t bode well. All together this is a complicated person with a lot of internal combustion, lots of cognitive dissonance. And her life is deeply enmeshed with others’. To know what MPDS is all about you must know those others or at least who they are.


MPDS’ leading Moon is both pivotal and very unfortunately placed in this chart. In astrology we talk about essential and accidental dignity, meaning how a planet is doing in a chart. MPDS’ Moon has an essential dignity problem in terms of her location in a sign ruled by her nemesis, Saturn. The Moon likes to be in the 4th house, not the 10th. It’s an awkward position for her essentially. She’s a guest in the summer home of her enemy in this chart.

Then her Moon has the added problem of poor accidental dignity, in terms of the role it’s playing in the chart, how it bounces off of the other planets. I will come back to that below when I talk about the shape. But the Moon is in opposition to both Saturn and combust Venus. Lastly she’s in a T-square with Uranus, the other coruler of the sign she’s inhabiting here.

So if an Aquarian Moon wasn’t emotionally bleak enough (it is), Saturn and Aquarius are tag-teaming the Moon from positions of strength. Between her bad Moon placement and her struggling Neptune, it would not surprise me at all if Sinema has a drug or alcohol problem, or suffers from mental illness such as depression. With her Moon and Neptune it’s hard to imagine she’s Susie Sunshine. Her prominent Venus helps her put on the face she needs to wear to get along and be liked.

MPDS’ moon in Aquarius explains the whole kookypants shtick like in the above photo. In the above photo we can see the Aquarian Moon stealing the spotlight from the hardworking, old-fashioned, conservative Cancer in the 10th. MPDS got rightfully criticized, responded by taking the above utterly ridiculous photo. Aquarius is notoriously out in left field, the original “be reasonable, do it my way” guy.

I personally have strong Uranus/Aquarius and am quite a Uranian personality myself. So I get this. I see how my inability to connect with others is in a certain way self-centering, believing myself to be a planet of one and trying to entice others to move there. I will discuss this more in the YouTube video.

The Cancer Sun is tricky with this placement, because Cancer is not necessarily grounded which is definitely crucial for an MPDS to succeed — which this one in my estimation won’t. The Sun’s placement in the 10th gives a little more of a roll-up-your-sleeves thing, in the business office of the zodiac, where the accounting gets done and the subpoenas issued. The 10th is naturally ruled by Saturn, where Capricorn would fall if you began with Aries (as we so often do). So her emotional self, her Moon, is at a real disadvantage here. MPDS is not the easiest one to relate to or connect with emotionally. Everything about the above picture screams “trying much too hard.” This is a very pretentious, image-conscious person.

Aquarius is coruled by Saturn and Uranus, and is really not where the Moon likes to be. Sour, petty, money-driven Saturn has some influence over both the Sun and Moon.

So the awkwardness of Sinema is very real, she comes by it naturally. Uranus was castrated, which creates a certain despair, alienation, and conflicted sexual identity in many Aquarians. I was originally supportive of Sinema as a person with nonconforming gender in the US Senate. We need more nonconforming representatives of every kind.

MPDS’ quirky, teenybopper style of dress was initially a topic of some conversation. But I’m not going to bother to link you to that because frankly it annoyed me at the time. She walked in there looking a bit of a fool and then stamped her feet when people didn’t respect the junior senator from TikTok. Frankly I’d rather have seen Barney Frank show up in full Jim Dangle gear, that would’ve been awesome.

I wasn’t feeling it as a woman, either the response to her or her bullshit . Having women go call attention to themselves personally isn’t what I had in mind. I’d prefer she show up there in a business suit and put a sensible shoe up a few nonsensical asses, a la Katie Porter and AOC. Can you see her giving Mitch McConnell a taste of her pink glitter platform gym shoes or whatever the hell footwear she takes to congress? Neither can I.


MPDS has a rather prominent Venus with the Ascendant at 14 Libra. I think that’s pretty on-brand for her, in terms of obviously putting a lot of effort into her look — which is quirky because of the rock-hard Aquarius. But clearly pink is her color. Sinema is famous for the world’s most slapworthy curtsy. Doing something shitty like tanking the minimum wage isn’t any more adorable if you’re dressed like a high schooler and you act like one too. But as long s the people shown in her combust Venus, her inner circle, are happy with her she’s fine. Sinema will never bite the hand that feeds her.


This is a locomotive chart with a Jupiter engine, in the 3rd decan of Taurus on fixed star Algol. That explains how she got into the senate, this and the Venus/Cancer/Sirius thing. MPDS is deeply involved with some old-school important people. In the 8th house that’s going to cost her personally, there will be some heartache for the way she puts her stamp on the world. Good, because I like to see shitty people sleep in the beds they make for themselves.

With a locomotive chart we see someone with a mission, a high degree of personal drive like a locomotive. A Jupiter engine makes sense for anyone in a prominent position in a government, church, or university. All of those are things where you spend other people’s money, never your own. In Taurus there is an abiding selfishness and sense of entitlement. This is not a bash on Taurus; that’s Taurus’ rightful role in the zodiac. At their best stage of evolution Mars is a giver and Taurus is a passive receiver. Taurus exists to receive dotage.

Jupiter is happy as a pig in slop in Taurus, fully supported by the herd while spending their money. In the 8th house, however, mark my words it won’t end well for MPDFS — Manic Pixie Dream Former Senator. The 8th house is like a trap that you have to chew your foot off to escape. You have to decide what’s absolutely essential and let go of everything else. Jupiter himself is very “go big or go home.” This is a high-stakes chart.


This is a highly dynamic chart with multiple planets getting lots of oxygen. Normal astrologers say that the ruler of the Ascendant rules the whole chart. I use the ruler of the Sun for my own reasons. Not trying to change the rules everybody else works with. I have my own Aquarian weirdo way of working.

Anyway for me Venus and the Moon are the two leading planets. But they both have a Sun, Saturn, Uranus problem. And the whole chart has a Mars/Pluto situation. Jupiter as the locomotive engine is also prominent. Ultimately Saturn kind of pees on the whole chart, making the whole thing very materially focused. Sinema likes being an authority figure, the key feeling of Saturn.

At the end of the day I will call this a Venus-Saturn chart, because of the strong emphasis on the 10th house with Saturn in Leo. The prominent Moon naturally recedes as soon as she’s able. As I said above this is a very dynamic chart, like a locomotive with all the wheels turning. But at the end of the day I continually see those two planets reasserting themselves in this chart one way or another.


Anytime you have a major fixed star contact, one of the ones I’m discussing below, that person has a high-voltage life. When you see multiple fixed-star contacts you should only have one question: can this person be trusted? Because this is someone very, very empowered. This person has friends in high places, one way or another.

Another explanation for Sinema being an actual US senator is that she has Sirius directly on the Midheaven. With her prominently placed Jupiter it makes perfect sense. Sirius the dog star is the brightest, hottest one in the sky, and thus adds the flavor of pure intensity–astrological wasabi. Directly on the Midheaven as she has it here, that can be someone very, very famous for her career. But wait, there’s more!

Speaking of Jupiter, MPDS, like Kamala Harris, is in the cohort that has Jupiter on Algol. Algol is like Pandora’s box, basically giving the individual free reign to explore the themes and archetypes for that planet in an unlimited way. Algol is said to help people “lose their heads” literally and figuratively. I once did some research on various people known to have been hanged or beheaded and found many of them with no Algol connection. And there were many Algol connections on people with no beheadings, like Nikola Tesla. But Saddam Hussein did have Mercury on Algol, in fairness.

Anyway after observing both Harris and Sinema I’m going to automatically thumbs down any politician with Jupiter on Algol automatically going forward, with a little curtsy. They simply can’t be trusted. The difference between Jupiter on Algol and a coyote? There are some things a coyote just won’t do. Venus is all well and good, but when she falls in too tight with Saturn you get Melania Chump.

But wait, act now and MPDS can get ANOTHER fixed star contact at no charge to you! That’s right, folks, Sinema has the all-important Neptune in Jupiter’s home base of Sagittarius, on fixed star Antares. And this is where she could’ve gone either way, either a strongly humanist Aquarian, feeling that Libran sense of balance on the Ascendant, working to truly create a fairer world. But she did the other thing instead, focusing very superficially on herself as Venus loves to do in Libra, Saturn clutching that moneybag, dressed like a weirdo and coming from out in left field because Uranus.

The thing with Antares is it creates limited thinking, negativity, pessimism, belief in failure, all the things that lead to anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. It sits on an axis for the time being with fixed star Aldebaran, which my friend Bashar has described as “the department of archetypes.” I have come to think of Aldebaran as a sort of psychic hub for accessing every manner of help or mentoring, with Antares being the opposite feeling. For me, in my personal astrological practice, Antares and Aldebaran are where we choose to either roll up our sleeves and fix our lives or be pissy and lash out at others when we’re unhappy.

Remember that whenever you have a planet on either of these two fixed stars, they’re automatically in opposition to the other. In this way they form a sort of psychic axis. In other words any native with an Antares or Aldebaran contact has a sort of angel sitting on one shoulder and a devil on the other. It’s someone who must fight their demons.

With Neptune there, directly on Antares, there can be real integrity issues. That would be true of anyone, but certainly with this configuration where Venus is combust, on the Ascendant, and ruling Jupiter, this is someone who may have very shaky interpersonal boundaries.


The theme here is Manic Pixie Dream Senator. In movies the Manic Pixie Dream Girl exists to bring some joy and spontaneity to the protagonist’s dreary life. She drives him crazy in both senses of the phrase and they fall in love. But for many people the quirky persona is a distraction, an attempt to portray oneself in a very certain light. In a word, phony. Venus is all about looking pretty and being liked. She’s not a worker. But with the Sun in the 10th and Saturn also dominating the 4th, Sinema is no twit. She has actual backbone and staying power along with her fixed-star voltage.

While Sinema is a genuine oddball with her Aquarian Moon and Uranus in the 1st house, she also has some strong Scorpio action, plenty of behind-the-scenes manipulation and control trips, to balance out her strong Venus. With her compromised Neptune on Antares, and her deeply afflicted Moon, this person has every motivation to be as dishonest as she wants. I get her doing whatever keeps her in the herd that got her into office. She will not bite the hand that feeds her.

The thing is, Libra rising is almost guaranteed to be passive-aggressive when ticked off. She hates unpleasantries and discord of all kinds. But with Jupiter in the 8th and Scorpio in the 2nd, MPDS is very passionate and personally emotionally invested. She’ll do whatever it takes. Uranus is in Scorpio in the 2nd along with the North Node. Then Pluto is conjunct the Ascendant — from the 12th! At least in the Placidus chart. For me that Pluto in the 12th, right on the Ascendant, is asking for trouble. It’s like the book of matches lying next to your oily rag pile.

Now, I don’t know Krysten Sinema. She could be a very high-integrity person and I just don’t get it. Her funky Neptune situation may not be a substance abuse issue at all, but she’s into dressing up in furry costumes with her friends. There’s no telling what kind of fantasy world stuff people can get into when their Neptune is amplified like this one is on Antares. But that’s the thing, the star adding voltage is Antares, the one who predisposes us to negative thinking and attitudes.

Overall combined with the disadvantaged Sun and Moon, and the squishy Libra Ascendant with the underlying control issues of Pluto and Mars (who is also ruling the Descendant) I see Sinema having poor integrity and being capable of any sort of dastardly crap. She’s strictly an agent of the people in her inner circle, whoever that is. Jupiter has the terrible habit of believing that what’s good for him is good for everybody. He always suits himself.

Also anytime you see strong Saturn and compromised Neptune, look for a grifter. Sinema may be delusional, her Moon and Neptune would account for true paranoia and mental illness. But when I see someone whose policies swung from as progressive as hers used to be, and then she votes with Trump 25% of the time while in the senate, low integrity would answer all of my questions. There could be some highly quirky explanation for why she does the things she does and she’s still a good leftist, but it sounds like bullshit to me.

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