Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Astrosplained

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Ladies, Loblollies, and Lovers of Ukraine,

Check this stud president! As some of you may know, I’m working on a book called Easy Chart Reading: The Selfie of the Soul, Astrosplained. And when I saw this chart, I had to squeeze it in there, because it’s so darned teachable. This guy!

The method I’m using to give beginners a good way to get started is to use the Big 3 Plus 2 method. I’m looking at the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, chart shape, and major aspect patterns. This is sort of like sketching a portrait by making a rough sketch, of the head shape, then eyes, nose, and mouth, then adding certain specific layers of detail.

I use the analogy of a birthday party to help people get their heads around the different moving parts of astrology, that is to say the planets are like VIP guests. The houses are like areas of a mansion that have specific uses, like the front door, parlor, kitchen, and so forth. Then the signs are opportunities that each VIP guest has to run their agendas in some area of the mansion, some use of a suite. You must play with it like a box of paints, use your imagination in drawing a picture of the life as if we were looking at a birthday party and each of the planets was a guest in a room.


So Zelensky here was a comedian who started out on a show which can be translated as either “Man of the People” or “Servant of the People.” He has Venus cazimi with the Sun in Aquarius at 5 degrees, isn’t that splendid? That means that if we were looking at the Sun in this chart, we would see lovely Venus the Hot Girl right in that slim band of clarity, hugged close to his chest before the huge corona would block everything else from view. She’s placed in the spotlight, in other words, the ones he loves and serves, and who love and serve him. This is a guy who didn’t walk into his birthday party alone. Doesn’t want presents if they’re only for him.

When Venus is in the corona there can be a loss of interpersonal boundaries, or someone who lives by and through the people in his life, specifically the women. Oprah Winfrey and Gordon Ramsay both have this as well. In Zelensky’s case it’s on the nose for “Man of the People.” This is especially so in the 9th house, which is the college dorm in our birthday party analogy. It’s where Jupiter’s sign of Sagittarius would normally be having a great time spending someone else’s money, exploring the world and getting its ideas out there with minimal supervision. This is an extreme people person.

And in Aquarius we expect the fluke, the long shot, the wild card, like the comedian on the show about being president actually becoming president — and doing a phenomenal job. It’s quite a contradictory placement for Venus cazimi. This is a complicated guy.

Aquarius is coruled by Saturn and Uranus. Saturn’s themes are money and authority. Uranus is one with a unique way of seeing the world. His theme is, “Be reasonable, do it my way.” But Uranus, when healthy, truly loves the humans who don’t understand him. His oddball perspective really does know what’s best for them sometimes. Unfortunately Uranus will insist on being met where he’s at no matter what, like Ayatollah Khomeini with his prominent Uranus. Both Saturn and Uranus are stubborn, intractable. This is baked into the cake for both Zelensky and the people shown in his cazimi Venus.

Saturn and Uranus, when they’re strong and healthy, have a scientific nature, authority, backbone, and altruism. They’re reality checkers and ball-busters on the ground. Uranus is one who will do the right thing, what’s best for all when he’s well-evolved, as we saw in the Uranian archetype Nikola Tesla. He’s inventive, good with electronics, unpredictable, inexplicable, an oddball.

But Zelensky has an especially strong Saturn, placed on fixed star Regulus. His Uranus is very well-placed in Scorpio in the 6th, making him surprisingly sexy with his Dancing with the Stars appearance. In general Uranus is the opposite of sexy, because he was castrated. Strong Uranus and Aquarius generally lead to people feeling unsexy.

Zelensky’s Saturn is at an unfortunate angle to his dominant Mercury, retrograde, and in the last degrees of Leo. Zelensky’s pride may lead him to speak harshly, in other words. He may not have patience for bourgeois bullshit. Especially since it’s in the 3rd house parlor, where we’re doing short-term communications with peers, neighbors, siblings, coworkers, and other people right-next-door as it were. An easy way to think about those dotted black lines in the chart is like sand in the gears. Both Saturn and Mercury are extremely strong in this chart. It’s just low-grade friction.


Zelensky has a 3rd-house Leo Moon right on the IC. In our birthday party analogy again the 3rd house is the parlor where guests would arrive, hand off their coats, make small talk, and be offered a drink. From there, you can open the window and say hi to the next-door neighbors.

With the Leo Moon Zelensky feels extremely proud of his home town and being from there. He’s proud of his family and the people in his immediate circle. The 3rd house is where we normally find Mercury’s sign of Gemini, which is on the Ascendant. But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.

The IC is the door to the 4th house, or mom’s kitchen in the birthday party analogy. It’s not the 6th house, the servants’ area where the caterers prepare the banquet. It’s the family kitchen were mom and grandma prepare your traditional ethnic foods. It’s where you become who you are in light of your family’s history. IC stands for Imum Coeli, the bottom of the sky. But I think of it as “inner child,” and that also applies. This is where the Moon’s sign of Cancer would normally be. And so it’s where all of our unconscious stuff is stored, or at least can be triggered when we’re drunk LOL So all of this being in Leo, and Zelensky having Mars, Moon, and Saturn there, make 3rd house Leo truly key to this chart.

With the Leo Moon on the IC we see someone fiercely proud not only of his local community, but because it’s on the 4th-house cusp, the IC, it’s ethnic pride. There’s a certain old-fashioned conservatism to the Moon and the 4th house, where you truly prefer to do things the traditional way. And in Leo we always take the high road and want to save the day. So even without the cazimi Venus and Saturn on Regulus, this guy was very much born to do the job. Every bone in his body was born to fight for Ukraine. He would absolutely rather die than run with this Leo Moon on the IC and Saturn on Regulus.

Also while we’re here, let’s do a little extra and look at Mars at 0 Leo in the 3rd house. Mars the God of War is just rushing into Leo, into the parlor. In general I think of 0 degrees as possibly a bit of a gun-jumper, like a guest who has opened the door of a room, and can see what’s going on in there, but isn’t all the way in the door yet.

But of course he is in the sign, isn’t he? And if anybody could rush in quickly it would be Mars, to save the day. Zelensky is the guy we see literally sitting around with the guys from the neighborhood while bombs drop, in the 3rd house. This is brash and impulsive, aggressive, bold, that impulsive 0-degree Mars. It’s something only a young and inexperienced politician would even think to do, much less be physically capable of. This is how we can learn astrology, by watching how things work out in real life.


Zelensky has the Ascendant at 22 Gemini, on the fixed star Mintaka. If you follow this blog you may know that I use that one to show the fascist-antifascist axis. I don’t have an ancient reference for it. I got that from a channeled alien named Bashar. But I have been observing this star in this context for years. I’ve seen it in the chart of Barron Trump. And of course that’s where I have Venus. So I watch for people who have planets there to maybe have strong feelings about fascism one way or the other. And here it is!

So Gemini is ruled by Mercury the Winged Messenger, the monkey mind of astrology. This means Zelensky is intellectually bright, witty and talkative, as we’d expect from a TV comedian. In my birthday paraty analogy Mercury is the Talk Show Host, the MC of the party. Mercury is known to be versatile and bore easily, the kind of guy who can do every job from ballroom dancer to talk show host to wartime president. And apparently maybe my theory about Mintaka showing strong feelings about fascism, one way or the other, may be valid.


This chart has a locomotive shape, where Pisces, Aries, and Taurus are all empty, then we see the Ascendant pop up in Gemini. Then the engine of the chart, the first planet after the empty bit, is Jupiter in the 1st house of all places. If you weren’t convinced this was the guy for the job, this should convince you that Ukraine will withstand Putin’s bullshit. Ukraine will outlive Putin, have no doubt.

In our birthday party analogy, Jupiter is Good Time Charlie. He’s the one who spends other people’s money, which is why he represents government. Jupiter represents everything where one individual represents many.

Then the Ascendant is the front door of our mansion, or more correctly, like the doorbell camera. The 1st house is the foyer, the first thing we experience, the first impression, the take-away. So to have the locomotive engine and Jupiter there makes this quite a prominent theme. Again, like with the cazimi Sun and Leo Moon on the IC, this speaks to a guy who was born to do exactly what he’s doing right now. Running this country, like a locomotive, is the first thing on his mind. Zelensky has always been a very highly motivated guy.

Jupiter doesn’t necessarily like to be in Mercury’s sign of Gemini. It cramps his normally jovial style to get bogged down in the details. But with his very strong 3rd house Leo situation Zelensky is a class act. He really loves Ukraine, is extremely proud to fight for them, and they know it.. Aquarians aren’t normally this beloved. This is a very interesting chart with an interesting mix of contradictions. Even when he’s in a sign he doesn’t prefer, Zelensky’s 1st-house Jupiter locomotive engine still makes him a jovial enough guy to be loved the world over.


Officially Zelensky doesn’t have any major aspect patterns.

But you know me with my prominent Uranus, doing it my way. So I do look at something I call a “mini kite,” that blue triangle. This is not an official astrological term. If there were a grand trine, a larger blue triangle, then the smaller blue triangle would make for a kite.

However I do find that the harmonious circuity does make a difference, when you have three planets that are playing nicely in the sandbox together. It can give a nice bit of harmony to the personality. I think of it as three coworkers in a workplace who, because they get along well together, can sometimes really get things done.

Here we see Pluto in Libra at the head, with Neptune in the 6th and the Moon in the 3rd as beneficiaries. Pluto is where we’re sneaky, devious, and we don’t get mad, we get even. Libra is not the most obvious place for Pluto to do his dirty deeds. In Libra Venus likes to keep everything pleasant and balanced, whereas Pluto likes to take things to extremes. So this makes Zelensky at his most devious more of a squish than a kidnapper.

But in terms of the Neptune in the 6th house, let’s look at that reflection. Neptune is the planet of confusion, illusions, delusions, and lies. It governs both show business and propaganda, comedy shows about running the government and press conferences while your government is being bombed.

The 6th house, in our birthday party analogy, is the servants’ area. This is where the hired help prepares the banquet and does the laundry. This is where we’d expect to find the Servant of the People operating in Virgo. And as much as I love Ukraine and support them wholeheartedly, they have been putting out some real propaganda too, not just Russia. All of that reflects the 6th house Neptune, doing propaganda in service of the country.

And of course the Moon is in this circuit, creating a positive cycle of feeling good about all of it and having it all reflected back in a good way, because he’s currently the president of the country.

Godspeed, Ukraine. And stay watching this space for news about the book.

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  1. Thank you for sticking with me! I’m working on getting the book ready for release, straightening out the web site. I know I keep saying it. But 2022 will really be the year, I promise LOL No I really have a plan this time. I’m working on a Substack newsletter right now, hopefully it will all make sense soon ❤

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