Ask Priscilla

[Update:  I’m not doing these for free anymore, but you can still get one through my other site,, on the services menu.]

I recently [2014?] started wanting to do tarot readings for other people, but wasn’t sure about it.  A beloved elder — one who I had never thought of as a guide before — came front and center: The Modern Priscilla. She’s been through it all long before I was even born. And solutions are her thing. For those who aren’t familiar, I’ll introduce you.

This is a picture of the Modern Priscilla in her prime.

Modern Priscilla

For those who may be interested in her background, beginning with her narrow escape from the Salem Witch Trials and ending with her stitching away her days in the nursing home, here’s the story of how we met.

Anyhoo, when my guide presented herself, she was very clear about it:  Have them Ask Priscilla. I’ve found that at times when I can’t hear her voice, it’s because I’m not stitching enough. So we have a sort of symbiosis, in which you’ll get your questions answered and I’ll do a lot of needlework. Everyone’s a winner.

For now, until I get good at channeling the Modern Priscilla, I’m doing the Five Card Freebie. I start with a tarot layout, which I then have Priscilla interpret in her own way.  I’ve had a great response so far.  I’ll be taking requests for another two weeks.


reading room

So yes, after dabbling in tarot and astrology for decades, I’m reading for strangers.  Even if you’re not that strange, I’d still like to read for you.  So pull up a seat — oh, there aren’t any.  Well pull up a marble floor or shove a statue off its pedestal and sit there, and imagine I’ve just served tea and crumpets.  I totally would if I could.

What I do:

Above the cloudsI’m all about perspective.  I look for higher ground, even when things are great.

What I don’t do:

forget the present

I don’t predict the future, spy on husbands, remove curses, or change your life (only you can change your life!).  I can’t help you with that stuff.  I only do perspective, ideas, and insights.


I’m looking for guinea pigs:  For a limited time, please hit me up for a Five-Card Freebie reading.

Here’s what to send to artnunymiss at g mail:

  1. Question, if any.
  2. OPTIONAL birth data:          Date and actual time of birth.  City and state of birth.
  3. Feedback. This is a freebie, in exchange for your helping Priscilla and I develop our line of communication. Whether something helps you or doesn’t work for you, let me know.
  4. Feedback. Yes, the same point as above. But really, I do expect to hear from you post-reading. This is a conversation, don’t leave me hanging!

Note:  By “time of birth” I mean the actual time listed on your birth certificate. An inaccurate time is worse than no time, so please don’t guess. Your mom doesn’t remember exactly, either. She was busy in a way that can involve time distortion.  If you don’t see it in writing, please put “unknown” birth time.  Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Ask Priscilla

  1. 2-24-81 @5:13pm.

    Why don’t I act like a Pisces? I did as a child and teen but as an adult I’m totally different.

    Why am I so afraid of ghosts?

    Thank you. Former Scheib tribe 2008

    1. Hey Ellen! I will be happy to do you a Five-Card Freebie, thanks for coming by! This page has the instructions and the email address to send your questions to. Sorry for the bother but this helps me keep the requests straight.

      Have you had a specific thing with ghosts? I’m not sure I exactly understand the question. I’ll be able to address the first question when I see your chart. The instructions for that are on the page above.

      Thanks, I look forward to it. 🙂

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