Five-Card Freebie for L

The first thing I like to do is determine an area of life that the reading will concern – money/physical life, thoughts/words, feelings, or work/creativity. Your reading focuses on money and your physical world. You didn’t ask a question, so I’ll dive right in.

For this layout, I assigned the following roles to each card position, and the card in your layout:

  1. You:                               King of Cups, reversed
  2. Your challenge:              Page of Cups
  3. Your Momentum:             3 of Wands, reversed
  4. An Option:                      Page of Pentacles
  5. A Gift:                             The Lovers, reversed

Here’s a picture of your overall layout:


I’m going to call the theme of this reading “misalignment is no fun.” If this sounds bad, don’t worry. Nothing is bad if you don’t want it to be. You get to decide how your life lines up.

Again, the overall topic was money and your physical experience of life. If you look, there’s actually quite a lot of symmetry in this reading. The Pages act almost as bookends around the center card. Note that the King and Page of Cups are both facing the same direction. The man in the center has his back turned to us. The Page of Pentacles is looking into the future, and in the Lovers, we see a centering with both sides represented. Just that all of your faces are going in different directions right now.

  1. King of Cups, reversed.


The court cards can represent either the querent or other people. In this layout, I’m going to suggest that all three court cards are about both – you and other people in your life. I like to think of other people as mirrors of my internal process. They show you what you can’t necessarily see in yourself.

The King of Cups is a wonderful, strong man. He has resources, and he feels good to be around with. But he’s often unavailable, either married, drug/alcohol dependent, or otherwise emotionally preoccupied. Here, it suggests a sort of burnout, especially when the challenge card is the Page of Cups. The Page of Cups is the teenager in love. His heart is wide open, and he’s all dreams. But puppy love doesn’t usually turn into a solid future, and the Page of Cups’ excitement is nothing to get excited about. He will mature into the unavailable King of Cups.

  1. Your Challenge: Page of Cups


So the Page, he’s not reversed. That’s what really made Priscilla think that this is just a deep personal dissatisfaction with the way things are. It could be financial, like a dead-end job, or just a feeling of disconnection from your joy. The challenge here is for you to get excited about life before anything exciting happens. It’s a paradox. Whenever you come upon a paradox, that’s always an opportunity to take a quantum step to a higher level. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to fall in love with your life. This is not the time to consider the practicalities of how things can work out. It’s about feeling groovy, because as long as you’re alive, you still can. If you’re not having fun, put on a funky hat and go catch a fish in your cup.

  1. Your Momentum: 3 of Wands, reversed


The 3 of Wands shows a wealthy merchant literally waiting for his ship to come in. The Wands are about work and creative endeavors, the things you’re passionate about. Note that his Wands stand up without him holding on or watching them. This is someone who has ample resources and support. All he does is bide his time, because he’s moving in the direction that works for him.

This card reversed would suggest the reason for the perceived burnout in the first card – feeling like you’ve invested a lot of time and energy, and just not seeing the rewards. This makes it really clear what a challenge the Page of Cups is in this layout! And yet isn’t that the perfect remedy for those two situations? Being happy because you can? Getting excited about your life because it’s yours to live? Heck yes.  [After the reading, L shared with me that she had been unsatisfactorily married three times!  Talk about not getting what you expect.]

  1. An Option: The Page of Pentacles


Red clothing in the tarot is for people who’ve “got it going on.” It signifies someone with some power and momentum. Note that the King of Cups has a little red on, and the Page of Cups wears pink. The Page doesn’t have much to offer until he’s out of high school, you see.

So the Page of Pentacles is differently situated. He actually has a red hat on, so his head is on straight, and getting him where he wants to go. He’s in a fertile pasture. Think of the Page of Pentacles as getting ready to plant a seed in that lush valley he’s standing in. (His dad probably owns it.)

If the reading is more about a personal relationship in your life, or your own physical health, the Page of Pentacles suggests that you would do well to take some action, start something new, get the ball rolling. If your relationship has lost its zing, think of things you could do that might help you communicate and reconnect. If your job is dead-end, think about the things you enjoy doing, and how you might monetize them. If it’s about your physical condition, start out very small with simple self-care, i.e., giving yourself a foot rub, and look for ongoing opportunities to care for your body easily and gently.

The Pages also represent communication. They’re still children, so nothing is firm, and they may fumble. The Pentacles are about tangible things. So the option here is to start something new, take a tiny chance. Plant some seeds and see what sprouts. What have you got to lose?

  1. A Gift:     The Lovers, reversed


The Lovers is actually the most important card in the layout, by far. It’s not so much about romantic love, as finding your personal point of power by having your life line up with your core values. This card reversed can represent a loss of communication in a relationship, or dissatisfaction with your career. Whatever the case is, it looks like you put out a lot of energy without getting what you really want. Do you know what you really want?

You have the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Chiron in Sagittarius, and if your birth time is accurate, this is all in the 9th house, where Sagittarius is KING! Seeing this layout for someone with a stellium in Sagittarius, it’s painful. Sagittarius is about setting your course for adventure, getting out there and seeing what it’s all about. Sagittarius is about sowing wild oats. Sagittarius puts it right out there, and it really sucks to have all that enthusiasm just fizzle.

So the gift here is that whatever has got you down in the doldrums is the key to your success. You see, the Lovers is the most important card because it’s in the “Major Arcana.” That means it’s a core theme of life that everyone deals with at some point, rather than the “Minor Arcana,” which is about the daily comings and goings of life. Minor Arcana stuff is all “this too shall pass.” Major Arcana cards are the building blocks of human development.

If you can find some meaning in all of this, by looking at your life in terms of your core values, and what you really want to get out of life, you can revamp not only your present situation, but your future. It’s a chance for a quantum step toward fulfillment.

The good news is, the clearer you get on what doesn’t work for you, the clearer you get on what does. Any dissatisfaction you may feel is an opportunity to dream about what would really float your boat. And then you can send the Pages over to kick start it.

I think looking at the three cards in the center is very, very helpful. You can imagine yourself as the merchant wondering if he’s being stood up at the docks – that’s why he’s upside-down. The guys on either side of him, however, are right-side-up. In other words, they’re clear, where he’s not. They’re also both much younger than him – they have their fathers’ estates, he’s a self-made man.

Then look into the challenge and see that it’s about opening up your heart, putting it out there like a kid again. When you’re willing to be young and take a chance, you may discover the Page of Pentacles, with a new seed ready to plant. You have nothing to lose! Be a beginner. Do something tangible, even if it’s very small. It’s a vote for fulfillment.

Again, court cards often represent other people in your life. If you have a husband and two sons (or one son with variable personalities) then that may fit. Do you know anyone who inspires you? Do you have someone in your life who’s a wet blanket? That could be your King of Cups reversed. Perhaps the Pages refer to coworkers, or even people you know peripherally but hadn’t considered reaching out to. Think about the most exciting and adventurous people you know, people who feel fulfilled and raring to go. Can you use them as mirrors?

I like to give people a little extra gift with their readings. In your case, I’ll point out that your “part of fortune” is in the 12th/1st house (right on the border, so technically in the 12th but considered to be in the 1st, because the whole thing is moving counterclockwise).

The part of fortune is the place in life where one can really take action to great effect. It’s your personal lucky “sweet spot.” The place where yours happens to fall (again, assuming your birth time is accurate within half an hour) is very interesting. The 12th house is about the loss of self, the things you’re unaware of, and the ways in which you sabotage yourself.

The Ascendant, on the other hand, is the newborn baby, so to speak. It’s the first thing people see about you, who you generally appear to be. Think about that: your lucky spot is right between forgetting yourself and being exactly who you are. That actually sounds like a true sweet spot, where you can commit 100 percent to being yourself, devil may care. Dance like nobody can see you!

Your part of fortune is at 7o Pisces.

7º Pisces: Two wrestlers struggling for mastery. One is dark and evil-looking, whilst the other is as an angel in manly beauty.
Denotes the dark and treacherous forces and the materialism of man combating with all that is glorious, all that is ideal and divine. To whichever the thoughts of the native incline comes victory, and many times in life he will be forced to join himself to the one or the other. May wisdom direct his choice. It is a symbol of Contesting.

Thank you for letting me read for you. Please remember to provide feedback. I’m happy to hear whatever you have to say, even if something didn’t work for you. This helps me become a better reader. I appreciate you getting the word out about me if you like my work. You’d be amazed how much a post on Facebook or a tweet helps!

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