Five-Card Freebie for Lani

A young lady named Lani was kind enough to write me, and has given me permission to post Priscilla’s reading here.

Your question: My question…I guess just give me an over view on my love life. If its going to end good or bad.

Hi Lani!

I have done a five-card relationships layout for you. Here is what each position in the layout means:

1. You in relation to them:            8 of Cups
2. Them in relation to you:           9 of Pentacles, reversed
3. Your Momentum:                       Ace of Cups, reversed (exalted), 9 of Cups
4. An Option:                                  3 of Pentacles
5. A Gift:                                           Death

(Note: I’m assuming your partner is a male, and please forgive me if I’m wrong.)

When I say, “You in relation to them/them in relation to you,” here’s exactly what I mean by that. It’s like Priscilla (my guide) is walking up to the two of you, and she sees each of you and gets a sense of your interaction. So to be really clear, I can only give you what Priscilla sees, and all she can see is you. She can’t see him. She can only see the way you reflect him, if that makes sense. It’s what she can see of him through you.

Here are your cards. Don’t worry, I’ll give you a closer look, I just want to show you how they all lay together.


Okay, people see the “Death” card and think all kinds of things. Bear with me, it’s not so bad.

1. You in relation to them:

Your card is the 8 of Cups. That’s a pretty straightforward card. This person has been very hurt and very disappointed, and is ready to make that hard journey to higher ground. This is the card of someone who doesn’t want to settle. It’s someone for whom things have not worked out in the past, and the hurt is fresh enough that they’ll do whatever it takes to have that not be how it is anymore. The best thing in this card, other than the Sun/Moon suggesting that “this too shall pass,” is the red coat and shoes. There’s a lot of life left in this person. Some things are worth waiting and suffering for.

2. Them in relation to you:

The 7 of disks, Reversed. This is a farmer, looking at a field bursting with crops. It’s not quite ready for harvest yet, but with persistence and dedication, he will have an excellent winter. For this card to be reversed in this layout suggests to me that your partner may not have the persistence or dedication to make your dreams come true, or it seems that way to you. A reversed card is something that’s either unclear, foggy, or in the past. Here, it tells me that you may be doing more than your share of the farm work in this relationship. Especially sitting next to the 8 of Cups, that’s someone who really, really doesn’t want to be disappointed again and may be meeting the other person more than halfway.

3. Your momentum: Ace of Cups reversed, exalted (I’ll explain 😉 9 of Cups.

The Aces in tarot are so epic in their blessings, so abundant, that when one appears I put it at the top of the whole reading, as the theme. Then I put another card in its place.

So this card reflects your momentum, and it’s the reversed Ace of Cups. An example of this momentum can be found in your question: “give me an over view on my love life. If its going to end good or bad.” Do you see how this is the 8 of Cups person asking this question? It assumes that the relationship is going to end. And the disappointment is so real for you that you only have two possible outcomes, good and bad.

The Modern Priscilla (the spirit guide who helps me interpret these layouts) is all about options. You always have them, don’t forget that. You can turn any situation – ANY SITUATION – into a positive thing for yourself. Sometimes you might have to be a little creative, but the more you practice deciding to be happy no matter what, the easier it gets.

The Ace of Cups is about that swoony, OMG-I’m-in-love feeling. It’s when everything is fresh and new, and your heart is so full that your cup runneth over. When you’re in that state, the whole world is exciting. When it’s reversed, that’s when the honeymoon is over. It’s that point in the relationship where he just farts right in front of you, when it’s just not swoony anymore. The bloom is off the old rose. So that’s the momentum, where I see you headed.

Now, the card that replaced that one is the 10 of Cups, which is often seen as the “wish come true” card. It can also be the “be careful what you wish for, you just might get it card.” Priscilla tells me that this will make sense to you and I need say no more.

4. An option for you: The 3 of Disks

Okay, now we’re getting somewhere! Options! And the 3 of Disks is a great one. The 3 of Disks is about partnerships and working together. We see a monk working with an architect and a stonecutter, so they can build a cathedral. Before I laid out your cards I asked for a focal point, and was given “communication.” Specifically, Priscilla thinks you need to pay close attention to words and thoughts. What do your partner’s words to and about you reveal about your relationship? Do you enjoy seeing yourself through his eyes? Are you communicating your true thoughts and feelings, or does that reversed Ace of Cups mean you’ve shut down? Have you asked for what you want? Are you working with him toward a common goal? Is he working with you? Do you have the same goals?

That’s what the 3 of Disks is. 3 is the magic number. It’s when things go from inside your head and heart to outside in the world, where they can bloom. The disks are about money and things you can touch, making things real. Remember, Lani, you have the option of getting real with him. The kind of love you want can be built, just like a cathedral. You just have to communicate and make sure everybody’s in it together.

5. A gift: Death.

Admittedly, telling someone you have a gift for them and then giving them the Death card seems like kind of a crappy thing to do. But really, it’s the greatest sense of relief a person could possibly have. Death is when you let go of all of the suffering, and relax back into the pure bliss that you come from. Even in this card, note that in the distance there’s a gate and a rising sun over a distant city. So far we’ve never had a winter that wasn’t followed by a spring, to my knowledge. Remember, when one door shuts on you, another one slams in your face. (hehe sorry, couldn’t resist!  That’s what she said!)

So does this mean your relationship is going to end badly? No. Nothing can possibly be bad for you unless you choose to see it that way. Actually this doesn’t even necessarily mean the relationship is going to end. It means that you need to let go of something. That could be something like your disappointment or self-doubt.

Now, understand that Death is the most important card in this layout. It’s the only one in the “major arcana,” which are the deeper aspects of life. All of the rest of these cards, including the Ace of Cups, are minor influences in your life, things where you can say, “This, too, shall pass.”

The Death card here is actually bigger than this relationship. This relationship is bringing up issues for you that show exactly where your tenderness is, and what you want to see manifesting in deeds rather than words. It’s helping you define your values and decide what works for you. And the more you know what works for you, the easier it is to see what doesn’t. The things you learn here, about asserting yourself and getting what you want, can carry over into your whole life.

Whatever is coming up for you about this relationship, especially the painful parts, are the best gift you’ve been given. Because it’s a chance for you to find a new way to respond. Define what is and isn’t working for you in this relationship. When you look at the things that aren’t working, what would you need to do differently to have that not be the situation? What beliefs do you need to change to get a different outcome? For example, do you believe you’ll always be disappointed? That you can’t really communicate or work with a partner? That no one will ever want you more than you want him? Fiddle faddle!!

To sum it all up, be careful that your past hurts don’t create a self-fulfilling prophesy. Give your partner a chance to meet your needs, by telling him clearly what you want and what does or doesn’t work for you. If he’s not willing to work with you, then you can’t build your dream cathedral together and get married in it. If that’s where things stand, the sooner you find out, the better. Give him a chance to stand up for you, and if he doesn’t, you can decide if you need to look for greener pastures. Something is ready to die off in your life. Is it the pessimistic, disappointed side of you? Or the relationship itself? Just because things didn’t work out before, that doesn’t mean they won’t work out now. You’re a different person now.

You have Juno in Virgo in the 9th house. This is about how you “wife.” Virgo likes lots of communication. You’re not going to do well with a strong, silent type. You need him to be strong, but also clear and communicative. You also have Ceres in the 4th house in Aries. You love by taking charge and making sure that the homefront is secure. This kind of leadership-oriented woman can sometimes attract guys who are, I hate to say it, freeloaders and bums.

It is extra important that you seek out someone who has enough going for himself that he’s grateful for your passion about your marriage and home life, rather than one who wants to coast while you carry him. You need/deserve a “big daddy” type, one who works even harder than you do at all this. Feeling personally secure is what makes things work for you. He should be someone with more experience, has more money than you, and possibly from a foreign country. Or he could be just a huge idea man, someone who changes the world. (And again, please forgive me if your partner is a woman!) If this feels like someone you don’t think you can attract or manage to work out with, I urge you to get a copy of the book He’s Just Not That Into You. That’s the mindset I’d like to see you in — defining what you want from a man, and telling him to step if that doesn’t work for him.  All you need is to believe you can do it.  I guarantee you can, no matter who you are.

Lastly, Priscilla has a special message for you. Mars is the leader of your chart, and he just so happens to be conjunct your “part of fortune.” This is where you do well to take action. These are at 1o Taurus in the 5th house. You may find things magically falling into place when you actively pamper yourself. The 5th house is about being creative and having fun, and Taurus is about being selfish and lazy. You are that rare woman for whom taking a bubble bath or doing arts and crafts with kids will actually bring great luck. Here’s something you can think about:

1º Taurus: A grey vapour surrounding a bush of red roses upon which is a brilliantly coloured butterfly.
Denotes one whose life is threatened in early infancy. The ideals are high, and he delights in all that is beautiful and sweet. The native is somewhat erratic and inconstant, loving “fresh fields and pastures new.” He inclines to the poetic and artistic, and may excel in such paths. It is a symbol of Cultivation.

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