Matt Gaetz, Astrosplained

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dudes and Dorkettes, I've been quite the crack mommy with respect to the blog. You were always on my mind, even when I couldn't write. And now that it looks like there may be a prom season in 2021 I'm back with the news you can use regarding one Matt Gaetz. His [...]

The Setagaya Murders

Why would anyone kill the Miyazawa family? Miyazawa residence Gentle reader, This is a really sad story. So I won't go into the details, which are heartbreaking. I'm looking at the unsolved home-invasion murder of a couple and their two small children, the Miyazawa family of Tokyo. There was a recent breakthrough in the case [...]

Paula White, Astrosplained

Paula White Popes and Prophetesses, Today I have a very special treat for you, one of the wackiest white ladies on TV, Paula White. Warning, this video may not be suitable for "uncircumcised Philistines." I hear the sound of an abundance of snark Charlamagne tha God had some pithy observations about Paula White [...]

Ghislaine Maxwell, Astrosplained

Greetings, gentle readers. Today let's look at allegedly the best friend of every wealthy creeper, Ghislaine Maxwell. Sorry I couldn't get the aspect table all the way in. In 2021 look for upgraded technology! Anyway there are a couple of eye-popping things about this chart. Let me make a quick punch list and then [...]