Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Further Astrosplained I realized that I only did a very quick glance at Alexandria's chart originally.   I also looked at how the asteroid named after her appears in the chart of Joe Crowley, her original opponent. The intrigue with Nancy Pelosi needed its own post IMO, a look at the synastry or interaction potential between [...]

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Nancy Pelosi Synastry, Astrosplained

Gentle reader, I am not terribly advanced with synastry.  However I do like to sometimes see how people bounce off of each other.  I'll post the visual chart and the table that I worked from, for your convenience. Click here for more information on heyokas.

Richard Ojeda, Astrosplained

Richard Ojeda, Astrosplained Ladies and Jumbojets, I am a big fan of Richard Ojeda. I'm discussing this more in the video, and I'm working on being more concise and less repetitive.  But this is how I work, and I'm interested in doing a bunch of charts in short order, so bear with me. As [...]

Matt Whitaker, Astrosplained

Matt Whitaker, Astrosplained Gentle reader, Far be it from me to dance on the grave of Jeff Sessions.  My knees would never forgive my big fat ass. But as far as I can tell, folks, Matt Whitaker is the new Dr. Ronny Jackson, another crackpot joker Trump pulled out of the bleachers and put in charge of [...]

How to Attack Chuck Grassley, Astrosplained

How to Attack Chuck Grassley, Astrosplained   Lacrimosa at 0 Taurus suggests you can make Grassley's home life unhappy.  He's very territorial.  I'm sure he expects to enjoy his peace and privacy despite what he does for a living.  I'm sure he's wrong.  Fuck with his peace and quiet any chance you can within the law.  Make his family unhappy [...]