Dear Aries Gal,

Dear Aries Gal, Let him make the first move.  Play hard-to-get.  Guys love that. Artnunymiss Woman Breaks Into Police Station, Wanting to Date Cop

Public Service Announcement: Enjoying the Blood Wolf Moon

Public Service Announcement:  Enjoying the Blood Wolf Moon

Friends, Foes, Freaks of all nations: Referring to this video about AOC, Gentle Viewer Shawn pointed out: "...Robin hood at 0 Aquarius..." is where the Eclipse is January 20/21, 2019." And that got me thinking about the way my country seems to be swirling around a golden toilet bowl, and what the lunar eclipse means.  [...]

Studio Visit: Heirloom Hardanger Patterns Gentle reader, I keep threatening to spew out a torrent of books like a cyclone from which the world may never recover -- bwahaha.  But seriously.  My life is about finding the time and energy to choose from the millions of things I want to do, and then doing as many of them [...]

George Papadopoulos, Astrosplained

George Papadopoulos, Astrosplained Gentle reader, I chose this photograph of George because I could swear I've seen that same photobomb guy before.  If I'm not mistaken, the mystery man has photobombed Mike Flynn with "Lock Him Up," and Paul Manafort with "Traitor" as they headed in and out of court.  I'm a fan of his work. [...]