Friends and Relatives

I made this for my friends, who are the only family I’ve got.  I modeled this one on the Demons Are Everywhere custom piece.


I need to get another frame for it, but that was a learning experience too.  I’ve got it mounted to the foam board, so I can just slip it in the new frame.  I let the mat get bent a little, and I pricked myself while framing it just enough to smear a little blood on the mat too.  Oh well, $10 down the drain.

I still really like it.


I like the way the stars on the background fabric are reflected with the lovely Kreinik silver metallic.  I find that the stars look nicer in the fine or very fine braid.  The satin stitch came out surprisingly well on the butterfly’s body.  I would definitely use the same metallic tapestry cord for satin stitch again.


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