Gavin Newsom, Astrosplained

Greetings, Queens Merry and California Dreamboats. Gentle reader Merry referred to Gavin Newsom as "Governor Batman." And yes, that's him pictured above. Swoon away. I don't know why he travels all the way to Utah to see Mitt Romney's barber, but as long as it's on his own dime I don't care. And speaking of [...]

Paula White, Astrosplained

Paula White Popes and Prophetesses, Today I have a very special treat for you, one of the wackiest white ladies on TV, Paula White. Warning, this video may not be suitable for "uncircumcised Philistines." I hear the sound of an abundance of snark Charlamagne tha God had some pithy observations about Paula White [...]

Paul LePage, Astrosplained

Paul LePage, Astrosplained Gents and Gamines, So, this guy.  Talk about an idiot.  Paul LePage is a great example of the sort of person I would no longer normally Astrosplain, but at this point he's a perfect storm of Republican bullshit.  Not only is he pale, stale, frail, and male, but he was voted out. Maybe he'll [...]