Milo, Astrosplained: Understanding the House Systems

Ladies and Gentlemen, Reindeer and Roosters: Today I'm looking at the chart of a young man named Milo. This one is teachable for a few reasons: Milo was born either in a Viking village in the fjords or in Santa's manger on the North Pole, so his chart looks complicated. This is a chance to [...]

Pat’s Career, Astrosplained Gentle reader Pat wrote me about her career options. The basic idea is that this is a runaway Moon chart!  Good lord!   The Moon and Venus are where it's at for Pat.  She is all about connecting emotionally with other people, forming lasting bonds. The Sun is in Pisces, so the chart is co-ruled [...]

The Basics, Astrosplained: The Moon and Neptune

The Basics, Astrosplained:  The Moon and Neptune Gentle reader Sandy has a very challenging Mars ruling her chart.  After some reflection, I feel that the best way for her to achieve the goals she has written me about are to work with her Moon and Neptune.  And she is a great example for the basic concepts of those two planets of [...]