Kyrsten Sinema, Astrosplained

Lentils and Landlubbers, Again the good people at have gone to the trouble of sourcing celebrities' birth data and sharing with the class! Thanks, guys. So let's look at the manic pixie dream senator from Arizona, Kyrsten Sinema. I find it very hard for some reason not to type Krysten, and not to pronounce [...]

Paul LePage, Astrosplained

Paul LePage, Astrosplained Gents and Gamines, So, this guy.  Talk about an idiot.  Paul LePage is a great example of the sort of person I would no longer normally Astrosplain, but at this point he's a perfect storm of Republican bullshit.  Not only is he pale, stale, frail, and male, but he was voted out. Maybe he'll [...]