Kenneth Copeland, Astrosplained

Ladies and Gentlemen, Tempes and Tampas, Now that I've Astrosplained Paula White-Cain, I think Trump's other pastor needs a looking at. You might want to put on safety glasses first. Or take some antipsychotic medication just in case. He seems nice. So in case you've never heard of Kenneth Copeland you're in for a real [...]

Paul LePage, Astrosplained

Paul LePage, Astrosplained Gents and Gamines, So, this guy.  Talk about an idiot.  Paul LePage is a great example of the sort of person I would no longer normally Astrosplain, but at this point he's a perfect storm of Republican bullshit.  Not only is he pale, stale, frail, and male, but he was voted out. Maybe he'll [...]

Patton Oswalt, Astrosplained

Patton Oswalt, Astrosplained

Gentle reader, Patton Oswalt happened to throw his chart details out on Twitter for his birthday.  Fun!  I wish more celebrities would do that.  And hey, what a cool chart. For those who may not know who Patton Oswalt is, he recently responded to someone trolling him on Twitter by boosting the guy's GoFundMe page.  For [...]