Lee Godie, Astrosplained

Lee Godie, Astrosplained

I'm celebrating the holidays this year by Astrosplaining some Angels I Have Met (TM), people who were in my orbit in Chicago, like the adorable Lee Godie. This has been a pretty great year.  Looking back on 2017, honestly I slept most of the time.  I really needed it, I feel like a new woman.  [...]

Pole Cat

I was driving down a rural road today.  Looked up to ogle the beautiful sky, and saw this cat.  I thought he might be stuck up there, so I stopped and went over to him.  But he was just chilling.

First flight

Baby common goldeneye ducks leaving the nest for the first time. This is on my stitching to-do list.  It'll have to wait, but it was too much sweetness for me to bear alone.  I love it that the shadow looks like a turtle.  And they're smiling.