The Trinity in Tarot

In a private session, Bashar  confirmed that the guidance I receive from the particular (only) deck I work with, (Rider-Waite-Smith), comports with the understandings of the Priesthood of Atlantis.  Shortly thereafter, I was shown how the trinity is at the center of it all. I have been reading tarot for about 35 years now, so [...]

Letters to My Countrymen: Otto Warmbier

This was a fairly amazing press conference, by the team attending Otto Warmbier.  I wish they could coach the president on how to speak very carefully and avoid creating an international incident. IMHO, what the doctors masterfully said without saying is that Otto was chemically restrained.  They very clearly said respiratory arrest, while ruling [...]

On Anger Management

On Anger Management

Lately I've gotten angrier more often.  I've been actively managing my anger for decades, so this has been remarkable. I decided not to dwell in anger over a decade ago.  By that I mean not buying into the idea that anger is appropriate other than as an indicator of a personal miscalibration. That was arguably [...]