Filet Crochet Yarn Bomb RVA

Filet Crochet Yarn Bomb RVA

This was the beginning of a filet crochet piece, the pattern for which contains a swear word.  Said pattern is available for free right here. I put it up here because it was in a really lovely spot, where there were buildings, and statues, and flowering trees, and really everything just looked so nice -- [...]

Alpha and Omega Art Bomb

I made this alpha and omega from a Priscilla pattern.  (If I come across it in my travels I'll post the pattern in the patterns section.)  I used floche and Kreinik metallic threads for the outlining.  I can't recommend the Kreinik metallics highly enough!) I came to a spot by the river where I stayed [...]

Art Bomb North Carolina

Celebrating independence day with a belated art bomb. Location:  Across from a county mental health center  in North Carolina.  At the top of a hill next to a car repair place. I think it's called Success Auto Body.  This was the target area: You can see on the right, there's a bench and an ashtray.  [...]