The Three-Card Layout, Tarotsplained Today I did a reading that is a perfect example of how to take your tarot reading to the next level using one of the most basic layouts. The three-card layout is the go-to layout that I recommend for beginners.  It allows me to ask almost any question and get a clear, concise answer.  [...]

Heather, Tarotsplained Before I do some astrology for Heather, I like to give people a few personal exploration resources.  These are a few basic steps I like to recommend for everyone: Therapy.  It's like massage for your soul, professional parenting, and an extremely skilled bartender all rolled into one. Take the free online test to see [...]

The 10 of Swords, Tarotsplained: Sandy’s Love Life, Part 2

The 10 of Swords, Tarotsplained: Sandy’s Love Life, Part 2 Greetings, gentle reader. I finally have a little chance to circle back to Sandy's love life.  She wrote me some follow-up questions that I address in the video.  Basic points to make about this card: The swords in this card represents thoughts and words that limit the querent's ability to move.  While this can [...]

Your Life Path Card, Tarotsplained In this video I'm using Gentle Reader Sandy as the guinea pig to explain a fundamental concept in tarot, using numerology.  (This is almost all the numerology I know, so enjoy.) The Life Path card reflects a similar sort of perspective as the Nodes of the Moon.  With the Life Path we can see [...]

Reader Sandy, Tarotsplained

Gentle Reader Sandy's questions afford me a perfect opportunity to christen the HMS Tarotsplained.  I like to use a multidisciplinary approach.  Let me note again that I recommend finding a competent therapist (PRO TIP:  not necessarily the first, second, or even third one you talk to) and getting into a long-term therapeutic relationship.   My mental [...]