Spaniards Yarn Bombing for Syria

Spaniards Yarn Bombing for Syria

This picture is from this article at Huffington Post about the Spanish people making blankets for the Syrian refugees.    In case you speak Spanish (I think Google can translate the page for you maybe) check out their page at  They're also collecting camping gear and other supplies, they have a wish list.  There is [...]

Alpha and Omega Art Bomb

I made this alpha and omega from a Priscilla pattern.  (If I come across it in my travels I'll post the pattern in the patterns section.)  I used floche and Kreinik metallic threads for the outlining.  I can't recommend the Kreinik metallics highly enough!) I came to a spot by the river where I stayed [...]

Art Bomb North Carolina

Celebrating independence day with a belated art bomb. Location:  Across from a county mental health center  in North Carolina.  At the top of a hill next to a car repair place. I think it's called Success Auto Body.  This was the target area: You can see on the right, there's a bench and an ashtray.  [...]