Kyrsten Sinema, Astrosplained

Lentils and Landlubbers, Again the good people at have gone to the trouble of sourcing celebrities' birth data and sharing with the class! Thanks, guys. So let's look at the manic pixie dream senator from Arizona, Kyrsten Sinema. I find it very hard for some reason not to type Krysten, and not to pronounce [...]

The Setagaya Murders

Why would anyone kill the Miyazawa family? Miyazawa residence Gentle reader, This is a really sad story. So I won't go into the details, which are heartbreaking. I'm looking at the unsolved home-invasion murder of a couple and their two small children, the Miyazawa family of Tokyo. There was a recent breakthrough in the case [...]

Paula White, Astrosplained

Paula White Popes and Prophetesses, Today I have a very special treat for you, one of the wackiest white ladies on TV, Paula White. Warning, this video may not be suitable for "uncircumcised Philistines." I hear the sound of an abundance of snark Charlamagne tha God had some pithy observations about Paula White [...]

Ghislaine Maxwell, Astrosplained

Greetings, gentle readers. Today let's look at allegedly the best friend of every wealthy creeper, Ghislaine Maxwell. Sorry I couldn't get the aspect table all the way in. In 2021 look for upgraded technology! Anyway there are a couple of eye-popping things about this chart. Let me make a quick punch list and then [...]