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  1. Thank you for your beautiful comment on my hiatus post, it was a very nice read. I’m at home in my new apartment now, so I should be updating again soon. Have a great weekend!

  2. I think you are outstanding. I’ve never heard of Manatic (spelling)
    in regards to genocide. I”m obsessed with what the F is going on
    on this planet. It’s run by axis of evil from back as far as time.

    WTF is on this planet and what is it like on other planets? or other universes or galaxies.

    Thank you

    1. Thanks for your kind words. Check out my other site, manykipu.com. On that site you can get detailed channeled answers to this kind of question. I will let the webmaster know to set you up with a freebie.

      About Mintaka and the genocide on Earth, it is not that there was something here that raiders came for. It is that the last battles of an eons-old war are happening now. In short, I can say that the violence on Earth is like an argument that has spilled out of the pub and into the road. The most dedicated few are fighting it out to the bitter end. Planets have been destroyed by this amount of negativity.

      Note that the Orion flag is red, white, and black. At Charlottesville we did see both the supremacists and the Antifa with red, white, and black logos.

      1. ok. Now that I have processed your message and looked at your channeled page, which is truly very cool, by the way.

        My question is, and always has been,
        WHO OR WHAT is being fed by such violence on this planet. The killing of humans (i.e. the world wars, african american’s and slavery, rhwanda, all the wars, sexual violence of children)

        There is an energy of fear that is off the charts surrounding these things. Pol Pot, the destruction of 6,000 Buddhist temples, …etc…etc…etc

        destruction of man kind has been here as long as history.
        WHY – what breed of creton that I cannot see is being fed by this negativity. You brought up that fixed star on genocide. Yes, it is like 20 gemini and my saturn is 18 sadge – so I feel it. I do.
        There is a level of cruelty on this planet that is never ending

        WHY? WHAT is being fed by it.

        Thank you

        Kalachakra Susie.

      2. Susie, thanks. On the manykipu.com site there is a way to leave your questions on a voice mail, on the right side.

        Or you can email a question to teresa@manykipu.com, but please one question at a time. There is a lot to say, but focus is key.

        In terms of the overall frustration — I feel you. The key to ending up in the world you want to be in is keeping your mood where you want it to be. Water finds its level, you know.

        I do have one little freebie on the other site that is designed to give you a way to shift your mood anytime you want to. Check out mental mints:

      3. You’re very cute. Thank you

        I woke up at 11 years of age. Been searching for answers all my life.

        Thank u. I won’t trespass upon your time. I shall follow you tho.


      4. No worries! I look forward to channeling your answers. You can ask more than one, just one at a time for best results. We are on the same page. 🙂

      5. my bd is 12/21/57
        chicago, illinois

        such a serious chart
        and a real hardship when it came to family
        they all suck. all of um. either out to lunch
        or negligent or addiction addled.

        how do i help

        Bitching about my family doesn’t help the planet
        who and what is getting off on killing maiming sexually abusing
        hurting…etc….human beings

        Cuz they are like mind parasites – getting into the mind of humans
        and causing war after war after war

        what planet is it that is coming here to fight with us?
        and why the F doesn’t someone in charge speak up and tell us
        Humans what the F is really going on
        instead of this smoke and mirror b.s.

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